Friday, September 11, 2015

New York Times Interview with Michael

"In person, he comes across as cheerful and boyish. He is more pretty than handsome..." 
- Rivka Galchen

Thanks to Jhessye for bringing to my attention the new New York Times magazine interview article on Michael, 'Michael Fassbender, Nobody's Fool'. While the article is online for us to read and enjoy, we can also hold a copy of the magazine in our hands by buying the Sunday edition of the NY Times Magazine this weekend. This is not the first time Michael has been profiled in the high profile style magazine September issue - he last appeared in the 2009 edition. The article hit the checklist of things a fan, a stan, or regular reader needed to know about him. I'm really glad they mention the word "projection" because that is what a lot of people do with Michael, they project shit upon him to fit their FANtasies.

But I digress.. so, fasten your seat belt because we're gonna get whiplash will all the Fassy mainstream media coverage coming very soon.


-Simone is writing from Toronto!


Kruschelkasten said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting Interview. But now for something completely different who has the money to buy a shirt for $620???


Hupsakeek said...

what a beautiful video....sometimes almost painful to look at him.Not when he's smiling but when he has that vulnerable look.
Did not read the interview yet. Too tired now. Will do it in the morning. Nice thing to start with on a Monday (with an espresso on the side ;).