Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The 10 Things to Think About on Michael Fassbender

Some of you fans are so hard to please, even with me being the sexiest man alive!
There are some people in the fandom who insist on being obsessed with things about Michael that they have no business obsessing about. I know that by writing this, I’m mostly preaching to a sensible choir, but for those who need to read this blog post, hopefully they’ll find this article. It appears that some people are losing their shit over shit they have no business giving a shit about. It’s just so sad to see people behaving badly due to a celebrity’s personal life. While this is nothing new in the world of celebrity idolatry, it’s still disturbing to see people make complete fools of themselves over something that is really none of their business.

So to lighten the mood in the fandom, I have created this list of 10 things that people should really be focused on in their fan support of Michael Fassbender. This list is not inclusive, just a few things that came to my mind as the latest fandom fart inspired this blog post.

1.     Michael Fassbender is a highly regarded and well respected actor who is in constant demand. This means that he is truly talented and a lot of people want to work with him. A lot!

2.    Michael has two films coming out this fall: Macbeth and Steve Jobs. Both could garner him awards attention later this year. Although Michael has won many awards, he will surely win many, many more in the future.

3.    Michael is rumored to star in his third Ridley Scott film next year (and fourth when you consider Prometheus 2), his second as lead actor for the director, in a bio-pic on British Chef Marco Pierre White. Apparently Michael and Marco met in 2014 and Marco was really impressed with Michael, like, duh. “He’s a wonderful actor and quite extraordinary. We had dinner and he was incredibly cool. He just oozed charisma. He has a magnetic energy and I would love him to play me. He has that fire inside his belly that I understand”. (Daily Mail)

4.    Michael is in Malta right now filming Assassin’s Creed. This project originally announced in 2012 is his baby. He’s helping to produce it and along with working with the AC video game creators, Ubisoft UK, Michael is serious about bringing this extremely popular video game adaptation into a respectable film franchise. A new character has been created for Michael in the movie named, Callum Lynch.

5.    Michael is always kind and polite to his fans when they are lucky enough to meet him. In some cases, especially when he’s tired and jet lagged from traveling, he still accommodated fans by signing autographs, shaking their hand, or hugging them. Sometimes he has even asked that pictures not be posted online for privacy. Bottom line, Michael appreciates his fans and gives of himself what he can, when he can. Gotta love the guy.

6.    Michael does not have an official presence on the internet or a known social media account (smart man). The few well maintained fan websites (including FF), serve the purpose of providing exciting and relevant information and updates on Michael’s life and career. The best of these websites don’t focus on his personal life.

7.    Michael Fassbender is an intelligent and savvy businessman/movie star. He is the consummate professional and meets his end of all bargains. He has a team of professionals, who are his trusted friends and partners who care about him, and who help guide his career and PR, but beyond that, Michael is in complete control of his career. Unlike what some “fans” think, Michael is not stupid or immature. He knows exactly what he is doing for his career, life, and future goals. Michael does not need so called fans wagging their finger in disapproval of his actions and business decisions. Everything he does regarding his career is carefully planned for his maximum benefit and to maintain his brand. Yes, Michael Fassbender is a brand folks!

8.    There are four Fassy Films streaming on Netflix US right now: Centurion, Fish Tank, Frank, and Inglorious Basterds. Amazon Prime is streaming Slow West. Whenever you’re in the mood, Michael’s just a remote control click away.

9.    Read good interviews of Michael Fassbender – they give great insight into who Michael is and represent him as an honest, open, fun loving guy who enjoys life and loves what he does for a living. Even his famous co-stars always say lovely things about him.  One of my all time favorite interviews (besides my own) is with Michael Holden for the May 2012 issue of Esquire.

10.  I’ve had the pleasure to meet Michael several times and interviewed him. In the eight years that I have been following his career, now more than ever I am so proud and excited to be a Michael Fassbender fan! Michael is an Oscar nominated actor who is extremely handsome, well spoken, charismatic, and tall with a very slender and slight, but muscular frame. I would not waste my precious time and money blogging on someone whom I thought was nasty or unethical. Michael’s not a Saint; he even said that he’s a “complicated person”. It’s that cutely wicked glimmer in his eye that I love.

Michael Fassbender is a gentleman, and to focus on things that really has nothing to do with who Michael, the actor, is, really distracts you from truly enjoying the art of being a real Michael Fassbender fan. So, keep calm and enjoy Fassbender.


The Ekairidium said...

Thank you so much for this well-worded and eloquent post! I love Fassbender but I don't feel like I'm entitled to him. He's an actor who has a private life I don't need to know about. ALl I need is for him to give breathtaking performances and that is enough for me. There are SO many upcoming Fassy films this year and the next AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF IN THE MEANTIME AS I WAIT. But this blog is definitely helping me cope from all the tiresome waiting! Thanks again for the updates and insights on Fassy's career.

Simone said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. Like you, I love Michael too as a fellow human being who is an outstanding and entertaining artist. I don't need to follow his personal life, and he certainly is not obligated to do what I want him to do. That's not being a fan.