Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Macbeth Premiere in Edinburgh (Updated)

The red carpet event is tonight!
Michael Fassbender is in Edinburgh, Scotland today for the premiere of Macbeth at the Edinburgh Festival Theater. Since the movie was filmed in Scotland, it makes perfect sense to premiere the Scottish play there. Marion Cotillard will   did not attend the red carpet premiere with Michael tonight. She's currently working with Michael in Malta for Assassin's Creed. And as one paparazzi photo revealed last night, it appears that Alicia Vikander was among Michael's entourage.  What goes on the red carpet tonight will be very interesting, so stay tuned.

I'll post pictures from the red carpet later today, Meanwhile, check out this brief interview video of Michael with the BBC talking about the challenges of filming in cold weather in Scotland.

Director Justin Kurzel with Michael

Michael is so accommodating to his fans!

Here are pictures for the Macbeth photo call (Corbis):


Amy said...

This same week he did a nice little interview with Edith Bowman on BBC radio 2. He chose three songs and it was very endearing hearing Edith talk about how nervous she and her colleague were to meet him!

Simone said...

Thanks for the link Amy!