Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aaron Sorkin Thanks His Lucky Stars for Michael Fassbender

A great interview with Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter for Steve Jobs, was brought to my attention today because of what he said about Michael Fassbender. As we all know, less than a year ago, Aaron was one of the unfortunate millions of people who had yet to really appreciate the talent of Michael Fassbender. He was a little bent out of shape per the hacked Sony emails about having Michael play Steve Jobs because he didn't know his work. Well, as I anticipated, Aaron is now a Fassinator and he has nothing but praise for Michael. In his interview with Vulture, here is what he said about Michael:

"Maybe this is the right time to say that it was Amy Pascal, who has taken more undeserved punches than anyone should ever have to — it was Amy who set up the movie, who hired me to write it, who approved of this very unusual and not-particularly-commercial-sounding idea. I’m just sorry that she’s not around for the birthday cake. She deserves it.
You probably also know from the Sony hack that I objected to Michael Fassbender at first. Which is the last thing you want, just on a personal level. I felt terrible, I had a long talk with him, a few long talks about it, trying to get him to understand, when I wrote that email, I was the last guy in the world at that point who wasn’t familiar with his work. Hadn’t seen 12 Years a Slave Yet, hadn’t seen Shame. I had the studio send a Michael Fassbender package right away. My point is, I thank my lucky stars every night that it turned out to be him." - Aaron Sorkin, Vulture

I'm glad Aaron is thanking his lucky stars, I really am. And it was brave of him to admit how terrible he felt about his comments in private emails that no one outside of those emails should have read. His ignorance about Michael a year ago was embarrassing, and it was my hopes that Michael would do what Michael does, kill it in this role. And now, he has another best friend and business associate in Sorkin, who is a powerful man and Oscar winner in Hollywood.

This past weekend, several friends and admin staff of Fassinating Fassbender made a group donation to the DMC Film fundraiser for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). We donated £100! And to my surprise, DMC Film recognized our donation with a twitter shout out today!

When we have our annual birthday fundraiser, I think it's important to recognize friends and supporters who donate their hard earned money. It's always fantastic to give, and it makes the giving even more gratifying when someone takes a moment to thank you. So thank you DMC Film and Michael Fassbender for bringing this important charity to our attention. And I thank Marjan, Stephanie, Vera, April, and Martha for joining me in the FF group donation! You guys rock, and Michael Fassbender now knows it!


Snootiegirl said...

The whole email leak thing was unfortunate, but my guess is that sort of dialog goes on all the time behind closed doors in Hollywood. It's really humble of Sorkin to talk about it again publicly and accept culpability. Maybe he's growing into a better person like Jobs.

Another thing about Sorkin and Jobs is what seems to be characteristic of genius in our Western culture. Genius rails to be expressed. But our culture strives to shame and ostracize genius. As a species, we are lucky that genius eventually outs for the rest of us, no matter how it burns itself and those closest. So maybe these guys aren't the most polite or ordered in their personal lives, but what they create is nothing short of miraculous in human form.

If there was one thing that I disagreed with the movie about, it was this: sometimes the thing you create (art, science, technology, music) is the best part of you. We are none of us perfect.

Simone said...

I agree, this kind of discourse behind closed doors, and emails, is par for the course.

You're right about how the genius mind can help advance society at their own peril and in the end, having lack of respect or recognition/praise in other cases.

Glad you enjoyed the film.