Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meanwhile, Michael Continues to Work..

Michael Fassbender's DMC Film production company, which he co-owns with Daniel Emmerson and Conor McCaughan, is producing Assassin's Creed, currently filming in Europe. The twitter for DMC Film has been doing a great job lately promoting Michael in his new foray into keeping fans posted on his filming activities on social media. If this is the closest that Michael will ever get to being associated with a social media channel, then I totally approve of this collaboration. Not every celebrity needs their own social media account, and based on the state of Michael's fanbase, so fragmented with pockets that are sadly immature, DMC Film is an excellent social media mediator for Michael.

DMC Film tweeted the above image of Michael a few days ago, and the accompanying Collider article provides much needed context for those, who are like me, didn't know the context of the scarring/bruises on Michael's neck.

If you're not following DMC Film on Twitter, you should start because it appears to be the only official social media channel that Michael is affiliated with.

A few days ago, German Fassinator friend Christine H shared a new German Cosmopolitan November 2015 interview with me and I posted it up at FF Google Drive and immediately shared it on FF Facebook. Go check it out, it's a great interview that yet again reveals some excellent new information on Michael.

Michael Fassbender sind Sie arrogant? German article scan

MF Cosmo Interview English translation .pdf

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