Saturday, October 24, 2015

Steve Jobs First Weekend Performance: By the numbers

In the last weekend before Halloween, your average American, who most likely regularly uses an Apple product, will opt to see the mass appealing The Martian, and some other movies that either make them laugh or entertain them with guns, nakedness, and bloodshed. For those of the more cerebral nature, they will go see Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs.

According to Deadline, Steve Jobs will fall short of it's over projected $11-15 million range as it expands across the country. But that's ok, Steve Jobs is not a movie about the development of Facebook, a social network platform that billions of people use and die by. Steve Jobs is about the man behind Apple and it's high brow fare to boot. What's most important is the CinemaScore (A-), and the excellent pre-Oscar talk about Fassbender and Winslet. That's what matters.

Steve Jobs (Universal/Legendary) Friday B.O.: $2.4M Est. Weekend B.O.:$7.09M Current Est. Rental: $3.5M Est. Budget: $30MOn the downside, this is not the $11M-$12M opening that the industry was predicting on this wide expansion (from 60 theaters to 2,493). In its release pattern, the first two frames ofSteve Jobs closely comped to Sicario, but it’s not going to emulate the trajectory of the Lionsgate title. The upside is that Steve Jobs received an A- CinemaScore. Even better news for the awards P.R. gurus out there: Film Title: Steve JobsAudiences loved leading actors Michael Fassbender (25%) and Kate Winslet (19%) giving them As. 72% came out because they were interested in seeing a biopic about Steve Jobs. Among all the clunkers this weekend, Steve Jobsgets a pass. Here’s why: It’s an awards contender and the core adult base for this film comes out in dribs and drabs throughout the season. As the film gathers nominations, it will continually find an audience. Noms will also positively impact foreign ticket sales. As Steve Jobsloses screens in the coming weeks, the trick for Uni is to keep it afloat at enough premium venues so that it’s alive during the latter half of the year when Globe and SAG noms are announced. Again, it’s a tough time for adult pics on the marquee. We knew early on that Steve Jobs wasn’t The Social Network ($22.4M) in its mass appeal, that’s why Uni platformed it.


Hupsakeek said...

Ha, I'm apparently of the more cerebral nature, because I'm always go to indie movies :)

Simone said...

Well, to your credit Hupsakeek, you're also Dutch. ;) You guys are pretty bright almost by default. With my fellow Americans... well, let's just say they tend to prefer pure escapism that doesn't demand too much brain power.