Friday, October 16, 2015

TGIF 10.16.15

I'm so excited to watch Michael Fassbender in his milestone career highlight role in Steve Jobs this Sunday. I have to drive over to the Detroit area to see family, so I'll kill two birds with one stone by seeing them in the morning, and then go see the movie in the afternoon. I reckon Steve Jobs will show in the Ann Arbor area when wide release spreads on October 23rd, but I can't wait that long! See, when your primary blogging duties are covering Michael Fassbender, you gotta go see his movies the first chance you get so you can review it for the blog. It's an obligation I take seriously. But sadly, I can't eat my regular theater box size of Milk Duds because I got two crowns on my teefs Wednesday night, and only some left over Oxycodone from my surgery in August is soothing the pain, and then some. I'm on an Oxycodone high right now, as a matter of fact, so that's why I seem to be rambling a bit more than I normally would for TGIFassy day.

Annnnd, it was announced at Deadline this week that Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson is in talks for not only to co-star in the next Prometheus film with Michael, but also co-star along with Michael in a possible franchise film, The Snowman, based on the novel by Jo Nesbø. Michael will play a Norwegian police officer by the name of Harry Hole (that's not a very Norwegian type name). Michael may have a lot of fun with playing Mr. Hole (Jesus, this name is so loaded) because his character is a womanizing alcoholic with a propensity for violence to get the job done. Sounds like an interesting character! Anyway, if this is all true about Rebecca, it would be too much to handle because I just love, love her (The White Queen, and Mission Impossible 5)!

Lastly, for the past several weeks, you have been aware of the DMC Film fundraiser for MOAS. They extended the fundraiser deadline by a week in an effort to continue rallying for donations to meet their £5300 goal, which they will match, pound for pound once they hit that goal. Apparently it costs the Migrant Offshore Aid Station approximately £5300 a day, to save the lives of migrants adrift in dangerous waters. If DMC Film raise the £5300 they will give an additional £5300 to MOAS. Ain't that nice? Well, a lot of people, including Team Fassinating Fassbender, donated monies in these past few weeks. On Thursday, DMC Film tweeted that for everyone who made a donation, they will receive a signed photo of Michael. Fuck yeah! Most people didn't need that to motivate them to donate what they could, but since the fundraiser is nearing the end, and they are so close, it's a nice thing to announce to motivate others to give, even at least £5. So I know DMC Film will now reach their goal and everyone who gave, should feel good about it, especially those who donated early.

If you're interested in getting a signed photo of Michael, just donate here - and then email DMC Film with your mailing address information. Thanks for helping to #SaveLivesNow!

TGiFassy! and Oxycodone rocks!

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