Friday, October 2, 2015

TGIF 10.2.15

I knew immediately upon seeing this image from Macbeth that it was going to be this week's TGIF photo. I'm temporarily renaming TGIF as 'TGIFuck It, I'm Posting this Bitch!' We now have receipts that Justin Kurzel is a Fassinator too. He knew damn well what he was doing when he made Fassy Macbeth take a bath outside in the freezing cold, instead of a warm bath in a ruined castle where he would have had some privacy. After all, that's what Kings require, private bath time. But not in this case because there has never been a King on this planet that resembled Michael Fassbender. I try to be professional in being the editor of this blog, but sometimes it's good to release the fangurl; shit gets bottled up and it's good to let loose once in a while. Also, since my birthday was on Wednesday, and my last day at a hell hole job ends today, I yet again find myself thanking the Fassy Gods for this little treat.

Earlier this week, Michael was in Scotland promoting Macbeth, and this Saturday, he'll be in New York for the film festival as Steve Jobs is the Centerpiece film this year. I cannot help but think that with the 'double whammy' factor of good buzz from both Macbeth and Steve Jobs, Michael should feel good going into the awards season with undeniable momentum to help him take home all his well deserved honors. And with another Fassinator, Kate Winslet gushing about him left, right and center like a newly found half-sister, the next five months is going to be super crazy and amazing for Michael Fassbender.

Macbeth opens today in the UK!



Gabriel said...

Please tell me those pants get clingy

Gabriel said...
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KennyR said...


I can’t add a review of Steve Jobs for you as it’s not out in the UK yet, but I did see Macbeth a couple of weeks ago and you don’t seem to have too many reviews of it yet so I thought I would pass one along if you don’t mind.

I have to say before I go too far that I admit I struggled a bit with the original text, at times I really had no idea what they were talking about and I think for some people going to see it you will have to concentrate hard if you want to try and follow the spoken word. Having said that everyone in the film did a marvellous job with it and all accents were spot on.

Despite my own difficulties in following things I did really enjoy the film. Visually it is absolutely stunning. Justin Kurzel and his cinematographer (sorry don’t know their name) have done a wonderful job and the Scottish landscape is at times breathtaking. It reminded me of how the New Zealand landscape was used to such effect for the LOTR/Hobbit films. You really get a great sense of the bleakness and hardship of the time. (Quick shout-out for Bamburgh castle!).

Everyone in the film are excellent. Sean Harris as Macduff excels and Marion Cotillard is brilliant. Her “out damned spot” piece was almost mesmeric on screen; I couldn’t take my eyes of her the whole scene.

And Fassy? Good grief he was amazing!! I know people are saying how good he is in Steve Jobs (and having not seen it I can’t compare the two yet) but it’s going to take something special to beat his Macbeth. He was so compelling, equal parts manic, barbaric and heroic. A demon of a fighter in the battle scenes with his decent into madness superbly portrayed. The final battle scene was brilliant, I was almost in tears at the ending (no spoilers if you don’t know the story).

All in all a damn good film and when it comes out in the US I highly recommend you go see it. 5 Stars from me! And also from my best friend - she isn’t much of a Fassy fan (can take or leave) but Macbeth is her fave Shakespeare play and she thought the film was excellent as well, and that he did an excellent job.

Simone said...

@KennyR, thank you for your review of Macbeth! It hasn't been released here in the US yet, but it will open here in December and I'm anxious to see it. I know it will be difficult understanding some of the conversations, but I'm more than happy to watch this many, many times until I understand every damn syllable. :)