Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Steve Jobs Cast on the Cover of The Hollywood Reporter

For you folks who do not have a print subscription to The Hollywood Reporter like I do, here is the website article for the October 16th issue. It is crystal clear that Universal Studios is going full throttle in pre-Oscar campaign mode as Steve Jobs opens in select theaters this Friday, October 9. It will expand gradually in wider release throughout the month. The first screen date here in Michigan is October 15th in Birmingham. Unlike Michael's first experience in reaching for the gold in 2011's Shame, he now has an experienced and determined Oscar tested marketing team, friends (Kate Winslet), and an entire studio behind him (and Fassinating Fassbender) in being not only nominated, but actually frigging winning. So far Steve Jobs has received mostly great reviews, but unanimously, Michael's performance has been raved big time.

For additional Fassy fanfare, read the exquisite Vanity Fair review to boot!

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