Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Must Read: Leo vs Michael

I'm just going to post a link to Sasha Stone's 'Unpacking Best Actor' article from Awards Daily. She says this about Michael's performance in Steve Jobs:
What Fassbender does with his role in Steve Jobs is nothing short of one of the most vibrant, exciting works by any actor this year. You can say he doesn’t resemble Steve Jobs. You can say you don’t like the character. But you can’t say it isn’t one of the best performances of the year. He’s brutal. He pulls no punches and you can’t take your eye off of him. So if you’re going to say he isn’t even going to be nominated? I’m going to need a little more reason than box office.

And she's right. At the present, until the Fassbender Fans report in to this poll (hint), Leo is in the lead in this fun cinephile fan poll. But Fassbender is a close second. Emotional fatigue of being taunted by Oscar for over a decade has made fans pull behind Dicaprio, and I sure as hell don't blame them, but these same people cannot deny the utter brilliance of Fassbender - they can try, but they will fail.

Nearly every nomination that Leonardo Dicaprio has received, I have supported him, prayed for him, and wished he would win. So that's why it's going to hurt this year too see him lose again, as well as it would be painful to see Michael lose when he so rightfully would deserve to win, fair and square. I'm anxious to see Leo in The Revenant next month, a dreary old timey Western revenge story on steroids. I already know this is going to be a blockbuster, because, it's starring Leonardo.  No one has seen The Revenant yet, but all those who staunchly support Leo have already voted him as the best actor. How can they do that? Just blind faith I guess. How many of those Leo blind supporters will actually go see Jobs or Macbeth, if just to truly compare both performances? Probably not many. The fan bases of Dicaprio and Fassbender could not be more different than oil and water.

But I have seen Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs, AND I'm going to see him in Macbeth sometime in December. Voters in the Academy will have TWO Michael Fassbender films to view which will help them determine if this Irish/German kid deserve to win on just his second nomination, or if Leonardo deserves to win because he should have two Oscars by now.

Sigh... Our Lord Savior, please help me through this award season. Amen!


Gisa said...

Hi, it's me again and it's Friday the 13th and I just read that "Steve Jobs" has been yanked from 2,000 theaters in the USA and despite a "sunny and optimistic nature" I am finding it very hard right now to keep my chin up. How can something that seemed so positive, so right and so sure sink so low in such a short time? You are kind enough (or objective enough!) to wish Leo all the best, including an Oscar. Full honors to you as I cannot be so magnanimous, not when it comes to comparing the two actors. One is merely a good actor, the other one is a phenomenon.
I need not say which is which. Until Academy Award time I shall be saying my prayers. Gisa

Simone Cromer said...

Hi Gisa, it's not the end of the world :). It would be one thing for Jobs to have been a poorly made film and Michael to have failed in the role, on top of the film not doing well at the US box office. And it's an entirely different thing for an extremely well made film, featuring Michael Fassbender receiving praise and Oscar nom talk while the film did not appeal to the superhero cartoon crowd. Universal did the right thing in scaling back Steve Jobs from 2400+ down to 400. This niche, adult film should have never be released beyond 1000 theaters, but like Danny Boyle said, that's Monday afternoon speculation and hindsight. I think Steve Jobs will do well in foreign markets, and if it does not, again, it does not take away from the brilliance of the film. A LOT of great films don't perform as expected at the box office and go on to obtain cult status in Blu-ray and streaming.

My praise for Leo is genuine, I love the guy, been a fan of his for years and will continue to do so. But this year, my support is 110% in Camp Fassbender. I will watch The Revenant and see how Leo's performance stands up against Michael's.

Martha said...

I think we take these things seriously because we really believe in Michael's abilities. We know this performance was phenomenal and to be compared to Matt Damon in The Martian is laughable. I saw The Martian and while I liked it, it does not contain the caliber of performances that Steve Jobs has. I will try to watch Leo and Depp because they seem to be strong contenders according to early reviews at least for Leo and Depp has good reviews for his role. I doubt that either of these performances will be as strong as Michael.

I am not getting my hopes up for an Oscar win because this seems to be more about who "campaigns" enough, popularity, or who is deserving for all o their other work rather than the performance of the role nominated. Ridiculous.