Thursday, November 26, 2015

Michael talks about Macbeth

On this Thanksgiving Day in the States, I'm thankful to Michael Fassbender for being such an incredible, inspiring, and fassinating actor, who motivates me to update this blog to write about his outstanding career as an actor. Macbeth will be having some exclusive private screenings in the next week or so, and then it will expand, slowly, in select theaters around the country. I have Saturday, Dec 12th off from work just so that I can make myself available to see Macbeth with another Fassinator. I can't wait to see this film, and this newest interview with Michael helps explain more about his Macbeth character, and working with Marion and Justin.


Martha said...

I do love his voice so much. And as always articulate.

Jhessye said...

Amen to that woo! Dem eyes though. So nice. I love how Michael acts with his eyes. He looks different in most of his movies and his eyes are attuned with the characteristics he is portraying through his role. He so reminds me of John Cazale. Blessings. Amen to an awesome artist and fine Bruddah at that. Aloha!