Friday, November 20, 2015

TGIF 11.20.15

Michael as photographed in GQ France December 2015 issue.
I am looking forward to an upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter for their annual Actor's Round Table, because it's guaranteed that Michael Fassbender will be heavily featured on that cover and the article. It will also be the first time we'll see Michael in a professional capacity with another actor who is his stiffest competition this season. While many of us used this week to reflect upon the events in Paris a week ago, Michael still had a job to do and he was busy promoting Macbeth by attending a Q&A at the Curzon in London with Marion Cotillard, and director Justin Kurzel, last weekend. And he's still filming Assassin's Creed in London, on top of doing press for Steve Jobs. I'm also pleased to see The Weinstein Company stepping up big time in promoting Macbeth and prepping it for the upcoming awards season. There are some important screenings of the film coming up for a very targeted audience.

I previously mentioned how surprised I was that Michael was not featured on an American entertainment magazine, or a men's magazine, on his own, to promote Steve Jobs. This was a big time missed opportunity for fantastic publicity. Hopefully TPTB will make up for it and buy some kick-ass For Your Consideration ads in the trades. So as the year is coming to a close, at the present, Michael is at least on the December covers of GQ France, and Ireland's Tatler Man. I can buy GQ France locally, but I'm in the process of special ordering a copy of the Irish magazine.

Updated: There is an intriguing article link that I found on my Google search Thursday evening from ScreenDaily, titled, 'Michael Fassbender: The Master and the Mastermind'. That sounds like a positive and interesting article, however, the link was dead. So, I emailed the journalist, Tom Grater, to let him know that the link is dead, and I want to read that article and share it with Fassinators. Hopefully it'll be live real soon and I'll post the link here! {Tom said the article will post at 9am GMT on 20 Nov}


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