Friday, November 6, 2015

TGIF 11.6.15

This has to be one of the most beautiful portraits of Michael Fassbender. After wearing brown contact lenses for Steve Jobs, to be reminded of how gorgeous his blue eyes are is startling in this portrait, which is an outtake from his USA Today photo session from September-ish.

Today, Michael will appear on The Graham Norton show with Kate Winslet to promote Steve Jobs. Surely us Americans can catch it via a streaming service sometime this weekend. In other Fassy news, he was nominated for a British Independent Film Award (BIFA), along with his co-star Marion Cotillard, for Macbeth, which in total received six nominations. And also this week, it was announced that Michael's 'The Light Between the Oceans', also starring Alicia Vikander will be released in the UK in January 2017, which means in the US, we may see it just before or after that date. That's a long time to wait, but we have waited longer for other Michael films like that Terrence Malick film that was filmed in 2013 and still doesn't have a release date!

While Michael is knee deep in filming Assassin's Creed in Europe, and possibly doing some promotion for Macbeth as it's released here in the states in the coming weeks, and on top of him being discussed regarding his work in Steve Jobs, it is going to be a very interesting and fun next few months for Fassinators.

In the past two weeks, you have read my opinions on the lack of appreciation for Steve Jobs here in the States by people too stupid to be arsed for it, yes, I repeat, too stupid. So a comment that I posted on FF Facebook, by director Danny Boyle, bares repeating here. He's spot on, very succinct in his opinion about how the film was managed, but he stuck to his guns in declaring that he worked with the top of the top of talent on this film and he is very proud of it. Well, we here at Fassinating Fassbender are proud of your film too Danny! While I don't think Steve Jobs is a hard sell... that's because I'm the demographic it appealed too. You can't sell Filet Mignon at McDonald's, because that demographic wants something processed cheaply, cost cheaply, and is simple and quick to consume.  But that doesn't mean the Filet Mignon was nasty or a failure... it was simply marketed to an audience that had a different palate. Same goes for how Universal misjudged the intelligence and attention span, or lack of, for my fellow Americans by expanding it across the land like it was a summertime superhero film that had purple aliens. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs opens in the UK on 13 November.

Boyle was surprised by the film's box office numbers but says he's not interested in taking the easy route when making movies.
"You try and make complex films, not simplistic films. You also want to make them highly pleasurable as well," the 59-year-old British director told The Associated Press in an interview Monday.
"We did brilliantly the first two weekends," he explained. "Then they went too wide too soon and that's a mistake. But hindsight experts are always around on Monday mornings."
Considered an award-season heavyweight, the Oscar-winning Boyle ("Slumdog Millionaire" 2008) is confident the film will find its audience and says he won't be shocked if Fassbender and Winslet feature high on the upcoming trophy circuit season.
"I've been very lucky to be involved with a lot of very good performances over the years, and this is on a different planet, I think. I mean Fassbender and Winslet -- and Seth Rogan is just extraordinary in his playing (Apple engineer Steve) Wozniak -- so yes, I'm very, very proud to be associated with them," he said. - C24 Toronto

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