Friday, December 4, 2015

Michael to be honored at the Palm Springs Film Festival

I knew it. I should set up a booth at the mall to become a mall psychic. I had an inkling that Michael would have something to do at the Palm Springs Film Festival (PSFF) this year, and dog gone it, he is. It was just announced this evening from PSFF that Michael will be the recipient of the International Film Star Award at the 27th PSFF. Why am I super excited about this? My TIFF hosts are Canadian snowbirds and they hunker down for the winter in Palm Springs, CA. They have a mini-mansion and have extended an open invitation for me to come visit. Last year they attended their first PSFF where they met lots of celebrities. So I sent an email to my friend to see if they're going this year. If so, I'll have to make a decision very quickly if I'll be attending.

This honor could not come at a more important time as Michael can still be seen in theaters for Steve Jobs, and opening today, people can see him in Macbeth too. PSFF is so impressed with Michael's work in Jobs that they are honoring him this year at their gala. Because this is such a special honor, I'm sure Michael will be there. The question is, can I make it to Palm Springs too?

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Martha said...

I hope you are able to attend and get to see Michael enjoy this honor. So glad some people are giving deserved recognition rather and what is expected.