Sunday, December 6, 2015

Michael won Best Actor at LA Film Critics!

It has been announced this afternoon that Michael Fassbender was voted the Best Actor by the LA Film Critics! A smart choice from a smart group of critics. They last voted for Michael in 2011, so it's all the more impressive they recognized him again in a VERY competitive year just four years later. Side note -  the only other actors to win the LAFCA Best Actor twice are: Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Robert Duvall, Daniel Day-Lewis, and now Michael Fassbender! The other four actors are Oscar winners.

Some tweets expressed great shock, but that's only because said prognosticators are too wrapped up in sentimentality and overdue-ness factors for other actors. Whatever the outcome is at the end of this season, it was important for Michael Fassbender to win the Los Angeles critics award in the very town where the Oscars take place.

See the full list of this year's LAFCA winners:

Congratulations Michael!


yogesh rawat said...

Well Deserved win :)

Martha said...

This is wonderful news. So happy that Michael has received this recognition. He is also in great company with the other two time winners. Very true Simone that it's great that there is a group in Oscar city that does not feel bound to vote out of politics but out of merit.