Friday, December 11, 2015

TGIF 12.11.15

This was a great week for Michael Fassbender. He won the Best Actor category from the LA Film critics group. Then on Wednesday he was nominated for a Best Actor SAG award, followed by a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination on Thursday. Over the past few weeks, I have become concerned in seeing so-called awards prognosticators all but eliminate Michael Fassbender from their top 5 lists. His work in Steve Jobs is being prematurely, and arrogantly dismissed by prognosticators who simply don't appreciate Michael's body of work, including his current dramatic turns in Jobs and Macbeth. He's still considered "new", not a solid A-lister, and has yet to pay his dues before he should be honored with the big time awards. And even with Michael being so honored this week, there are still some prognosticators who are proclaiming shock that Michael has been nominated, while others gently acknowledge that Michael needed these nominations to stay on the awards radar. All prognosticators are in agreement that there is no crystal clear front runner.

In other news this week, it appears that the filming of Assassin's Creed will be winding down soon, just in time for Michael to enjoy the holidays before he does his part to campaign during the awards season, and then head down to Australia to start working on Prometheus 2. Most of us recall Michael's comments about him being an actor and not a politician. That's a good attitude to have, but don't think for one moment that campaigning is beneath Michael, it's not as if he hasn't been campaigning all the long, it's just not shoved down your throat and obvious campaigning, but it's campaigning none the less. So expect to see him ramp it up just a tad - he has to, that's the name of the game in Hollywood. It's not fun being an outstanding actor and doing excellent work, and being nominated left and right, and seeing others, who play the game oh so well, take all the accolades. Michael's been there and done that, and maybe this time will be different for him. The first stop at the beginning of the year will be at the Palm Springs International Film Festival where Michael will be honored with the International Star Award, and I'll be there to watch it. I'm still pinching myself over this.

This Saturday, me and local Fassinator Myriam will go see Macbeth. We're very excited to share the experience of watching a Fassbender film together so that we can talk about it with someone afterwards. I'll post a review of it early next week.


ButMadNNW said...

"and has yet to pay his dues before he should be honored with the big time awards"

As opposed to Anna Paquin, who won an Oscar at age 11 for her second role. If you're talented and work hard, you're talented and work hard. And deserve to be recognized for it.

Simone said...

Don't forget, Anna is female, and she won in Supporting Actress category with little competition. The Best Actor is always the more dramatic, hand-wringing, who will win/who should win category.

Michael has paid his dues, and he's due to take home that statue.

Martha said...

I do not blame Michael for not wanting to suck up to people just so that he can win an award. As much as I want him to win I don't want him to have to drool all over people. If he's busy, he's busy. If he start filming in Australia in the new year I think it's too much work to have to fly to LA just to kiss babies who can't recognize talent. When you have to put your movie in as a comedy when clearly it's not just for the sake of recognition then there is something missing in your movie.

I always maintain that Michael's movies (at least most of them) will stand the test of time. While people bring in box office numbers, those projects will be forgotten but his performances will be ones that will not be forgotten and future actors will be inspired by him. He can win all sorts of statues but if the work is just not great then the award looses it's value. But since this guy can really act, the award is actually heightened. At the end of the day I think Micharl's attitude is whatever happens, continue to do what he likes and do it well.

I think if he looses we will actually take it harder than him. The only ones that will take it harder than us are his mom and dad. :)

Snootiegirl said...

Do you plan to keep a list or tally of all of his nominations for the season? Hard to keep them all straight.

Simone said...

In the past I did my best to make announcements for the most notable norms and wins. I would like to do the same this year.