Monday, January 11, 2016

A Disappointing Golden Globes

The 73rd Golden Globes was the most star strucked ceremony in ages. The GGs voting base of 90+ foreign journalists has always been mocked for being in love with A-list stars and nominating them just for them to show up, and in most cases, have them win just so they can go on the stage and hold one of their awards. Last night was a text book example of just how enamored the Hollywood Foreign Press really is with mega-mega stars.

Here are just six of the world's biggest stars who won last night: Lady Gaga, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Winslet (in a very surprising, but deserving win), Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

You cannot have a more A-list winners list ever.

In what started out as a hopeful evening for Michael Fassbender's chances of winning his first Golden Globe on his third nomination, with Kate winning in her Best Supporting Actress category, and Aaron Sorkin for winning in the Adapted Screenplay, the stage was set for Michael to hopefully win in the Best Actor category, but that was not to happen. With the PR machine in full engine throttle, with The Revenant doing so well at the box office, and with the narrative of 'he's sooooo overdue', Leonardo cruised onto the stage to collect the Best Actor trophy. I cannot and will not hate on Leo as I enjoy him as an actor and his work, but I'm just frustrated in the FACT that Michael has been denied a valid win because he truly is the best actor. He deserved that award. It was insultingly brutal to have Kate and Aaron surprise wins, only to not have Michael win who was the heart of the film.

Ricky Gervais was a funny host and his style is heavy and cruel sarcasm. But what he said about the GGs being worthless and a tangible piece of studio paid for PR... he is right.

The Oscar nominations will be announced on January 14th. Some awards analyst audaciously speculate that Michael may not even be nominated, and thus paving an easier path for Leo to win. If this is the case, it's going to be a short and cold awards season. I just can't help but think that in all the years Leonardo should have won an Oscar, he could win in the year where Michael Fassbender has had his most critical performance. It's such a shame.


Lucy T said...

What an interesting insight, I' an avid Michael's fan and I think Hollywood is lucky to have an actor of such professionalism, charisma and talent to consider to be in of the Hollywood's movies,and I'm sad that he lost, of all the people who deserved, he was overlooked, but, well, what can you do?

Simone said...

There's nothing we can do Lucy other than to just continue to support Michael. We know in our hearts who deserves to win. Thanks.

angelica cecilia said...

I'm very disappointed and sad. I fully agree with the final sentence of what you wrote. Leo should have won many oscar by now and it's so unfortunate that he get it now, when Michael has given us a wonderful and flawless demonstration of his acting talent. But if Michael does not receive an award or even a nom it doesn't means he's not an incredible gifted actor. Kate said it last night: " Michael is a legend."

southernwoman8 said...

I, too, am so disappointed that Fassy did not win. I am still hoping for a SAG and and Oscar win for him this year.

Martha said...

Yes, it is upsetting. But by now thankfully I have thicker skin than in previous years. And Leo was recognized yesterday but for the wrong performance. I will always see his performance in What's eating Gilbert Grape as an amazing performance. Yet no recognition.

I went to see Spotlight because it was on so many critics list. I wanted to see what the hype was. I know you saw it Simone and tried to find your comment about it but could not. While the subject was definitely gripping, there were no performances that really stood out for me. I was moved for sure but there was a strength missing in this movie. Glad they made it though, a lot of insight is given into this topic.

Many of the awards given out, let us remember are nothing more than popularity contests. It's more about their entire line of work than the performance that the award is based on. I don't know how far back we need to go for us to find a consistently matching award to a performance.

I finally saw The Normal Heart a few weeks ago and in regards to the subject matter and performances, it is superior to Dallas Buyer's Club. Yet Mathew M. won best actor and Jared Leto supporting actor and their performances were good but not for the win.

I love how Ricky Gervais (whom I thought was hilarious by the way) mentioned how funny the comedy The Martian was. When I saw The Martian, sure there were plenty of humorous situations but it most definitely is not a comedy. The movie is good, as I did enjoy it but Best Picture in the comedy/musical category. What a joke. I actually find it insulting to the movie.

Well we will be back for the SAGs and Oscars. In the meantime Michael continues to get more recognition from different groups which is just great for him.

Kruschelkasten said...

The thing is that these awards are not awarded for the right reasons. There are always actors/actresses where one wonders why they are so successful (I recall a German actor...) I guess it is always the more one is talked about the more recognition he/she will get.