Monday, January 4, 2016

Michael Fassbender honored at Palm Springs Awards Gala

It's been over two whole days since Michael Fassbender received the International Star Award Actor at the Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival (PSIFF) awards gala, but like I promised, I will share with you over the course of several blog entries, the events of that evening. Firstly, this post will feature some of the pictures I took of Michael while he was on stage. But I need to offer clarification. I had a very weak and heavily used Wi-fi signal at the hotel I was staying at. It was my intentions to post videos asap, but I just wasn't able to. A mere 2 minute upload to YouTube took 52 minutes and still had the audacity to abort the upload at the last minute.

The plan was for me to get as close to the stage as possible to take pictures of Michael, and I would have my friend use my iPad to record it all. BTW, I was very, very impressed with our table seats! Instead, halfway through, he decided to rely on his partner's iPhone recording. But be that as it may, as I made my way closer to the stage, bumping elbows with people who had the same 'get up closer to see Fassy', my nerves, balancing on one high heeled knee to sit low enough to not block people, and Michael appearing nervous on stage and moving around too much, some of my pics were blurry. But, here's the best of the best. As a reminder, to see the video of what Michael said, go see it at my YouTube page: (

Click the first image and scroll through the slide show for a better view.

The gist of Michael's speech was that he was so amazed by the Steve Jobs script and proud to be a part of a film that will stand the test of time, and he admitted having 'wobbly legs' about it. He praised Kate's maternal instincts to help and support him, and he even made a funny comment about the box office of Jobs. Being honored at the PSIFF has become the bellwether of Oscar nominations/winners, and officially commences the Oscar season of the following weeks. I went into this gala situation well aware that I may not actually have face time with Michael. I was warned by my guests who have attended before, that the "top top A-listers" don't attend the after party because they have other commitments, and also, it can be overwhelming to them - too many gawkers who demand their attention because they paid so much to attend (I'll talk about what I saw of Cate Blanchett at the party - what a beautiful pro she is in the face of madness). As in the case with Michael.

It's most likely in his case, because he and Kate (coming right off of the holidays with family), they also had that SAG screening Q&A in LA the very next morning. So they probably only arrived into PS on Saturday, and left immediately afterwards to head to LA. No one saw Kate or Michael at the Parker Hotel, but then again, they could have poked their heads in there for a split minute, literally, before everyone else came. Most honorees do this because a) for marketing purposes of the gala, they are asked to attend the after party, and b) a mere second at the Parker does meet that obligation and they leave afterwards. In Michael's case, he and Kate had to be in LA and surely after they left the event, a private plane took them there. Based on what I saw at the after party and how people smothered the celebrities there, they would have gone completely apeshit if Michael and Kate were there, this is an indication that Michael has indeed arrived. For safety and security, he was on the downlow. And speaking of security, the FBI and MI6 would have been proud. Fans/people lucky enough to see Michael as he entered the venue, camped out there for 2-3 days. I will provide much more details at Theatre of Zen about my entire experience. I have so much to share and it was so much fun... a dream event to attend and I would like to go again in the future.

Lastly, here is a picture of me in my friend's backyard pool - yes, it was January 2, outside in a sleeveless gown. Being a tomboy, it took some getting used to wearing this gown and heels. It was long as hell on me (it was designed to be very long). But it was a little too big, especially in the bust and waist area - it could have been more snug by an inch or so. It was a 6, the smallest size that style came in, and a 4 would have fit me much better. But oh well, it was fun playing dress up and a faux one percenter for one night. :)

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