Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oscar Nominations 2016 (edited)

Congratulations to Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet in their Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress nominations. Steve Jobs received only those two nominations. AMPAS has already pretty much revealed the eventual winners. But at the least, we can celebrate that Michael and Kate's brilliant work in Steve Jobs has paid off in well deserved Oscar nominations. Congratulations and good luck!

Edited to add: I've been engaged in twitter conversations this morning and while some people are very hopeful for Michael to win, I have the proof that AMPAS only intends to honor Michael's performance in Steve Jobs with the nomination. They couldn't bother with a token adapted screenplay nomination, and that really sealed the fate for Steve Jobs' performance at the Oscars. The publicity machine for Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Revenant is relentless, and in your face at an astonishing level. The sentiment that he's overdue, a box office draw, etc., are recipes for Leo to finally get his Oscar. Steve Jobs is a brilliant film. It's only flaw is that there weren't enough smart people interested in watching it. At Metacritic, Steve Jobs received an 82 score, Mad Max: Fury Road received an 89, and The Revenant received a 77. And yet The Revenant received 12 Oscar nominations. Wow.

Great films and performances are often deliberately pushed to the side to pave way for sentimental and easy popular favorites (after all, you gotta think about the ratings for the ceremony too). The Revenant and Mad Max are action packed, bloody, exciting, crazy ass films that the mainstream media and audiences eat up. A film like Steve Jobs demands your full attention so that you can understand how we as humans currently live, interact, and communicate with each other. There were no guns, no blood, no explosions, just a movie about a guy hell bent on making computers help people live more efficient lives. And apparently, that's too boring for the lot. Now that the field has been set, I'm rooting the fuck out for Mad Max: Fury Road, it was my favorite film of the year, and I hope George Miller receive the Best Director Oscar (especially since AMPAS snubbed Ridley Scott, again). AMPAS does this, snub and diminish certain talent to set the stage for favorites. In this case, this Oscar for Director should go to Miller.


Hupsakeek said...

Yes back in the land of the living ;)
The thrilling news of his and Kate's nomination did me wake up from my hibernation.
I always said I despise the Oscar's and I still do, but I know the importance of the award.
It's great for Michael that he can add a second nomination to his resume

A haven't seen a lot of the nominated films because they're not yet in the cinema's overhere.
I'm trilled about the foreign films nominees. I hope Mustang will win because for me it was the best film of 2015. Son of Saul is a league of it's own.

Kruschelkasten said...

Maybe we should say good the film got at least these...


Simone said...

@Christine, oh yes, at the least, Michael was honored with a nomination for the highest honor on a role he worked hard on. It's a great reward and a tip of the hat to him and Kate.

Snootiegirl said...

Now he'll always have Academy Award-Nominated for Best Actor in front of his name for every other project. That's really what matters at this point if Leo's got the lock this year.

I feel like Leo and Jared Leto (who won the Best supporting award when Michael was no,instead for 12YAS) are more willing to play the games for the industry. I don't want to call them 'attention whores,' but neither do I want to cast dispersions on Michael. Just because they do it doesn't make it right. Just because he doesn't, doesn't make it wrong. In the end, the awards are navel-gazing, self-congratulatory vehicles for the industry itself. Money, money, money. And the wheel turns again.