Friday, January 22, 2016

TGIF 1.22.16

Michael is currently in Barcode, Norway filming The Snowman. I wonder if he was able to change personas in his mind before he left England last weekend to fly directly to Norway to get into his new character of Harry Hole? Michael is in constant demand and he's always working on fascinating characters that will draw attention to his work now, and in the future. So that's the outlook I'm taking in knowing that Michael will continue to be rewarded for his consistent outstanding work.

Now I need to get this off my chest once and for all by sharing a comment recently made by Kate Winslet. She said in an interview to US Weekly, after her Oscar nomination for Steve Jobs, that she's torn between supporting Michael Fassbender and her old dear friend Leonardo DiCaprio, both nominated for Best Actor. One shoe dropped when Steve Jobs received only the two acting nominations, then the other shoe dropped when Kate said this:
"It's slightly difficult for me because Michael Fassbender has been nominated and I was his right-hand woman for three months while we were making Steve Jobs and I saw how hard he worked," the actress told US Weekly. "I think his performance is so extraordinary. But I think yeah, you can sort of feel the temperature. It's probably going to be Leo's year." {ed: No, really?}
"I think you can sort of feel it and I think that everyone wants it for him. It would be amazing," she said.

I do feel for Kate and I know she feels bittersweet about this. It just sucks. If there's ever been proof of how votes can be manipulated and persuaded to support a particular performance, and if there's ever been a clear example of how people already KNOW who/what is going to win, it is now. Oscar votes and results are not pure and organic, they are bought and paid for, persuaded, influenced, marketed, swooned, and steered into a specific direction with a laser beam goal to get that award into a particular set of hands. Did you know that there are actual awards consultants? No, you probably didn't. See, you do learn something new every day. According to this article  in The Hollywood Reporter, it is a big, serious, and expensive business to hire professional consultants to provide awards season counseling to market their client or film so that they can win awards. And holy moly, just days after his Oscar nomination, Leonardo donated $15 million to a variety of environmental causes. Just damn. He not only ate raw bison liver, but he donated a shit load of money to causes that would make environmentalists pray that Leo wins the Oscar. This generous donation was made deliberately at the sweet spot moment. But for the record, Leo is a long time environmentalist who gives on a regular basis. However, a gift this large hasn't been made public like this before. I'm just saying.

So, Michael Fassbender will win an Oscar for Steve Jobs... one day. But this year, it looks like someone else is going to get their career Oscar to make up for unfairly losing five previous times. I'll post my Oscar predictions a few days before the show, but in regards to the Best Supporting Actress category, I hope and you should pray with me that ==> Rooney Mara (highlight) wins. Regarding the controversy of the Oscars this year, I don't have much to say because my favorite actor in the world has been nominated and I'm so happy and proud of him. All I'll say is that this problem is not just with AMPAS, but with the entire entertainment industry. Those who do the casting and hiring are the ones who present certain talents to audiences, and those very people covet AMPAS to reward those same people they specifically hire. It's the whole industry, not just one aspect of it.

In lighter news, here is a great interview with Michael for X-Men: Apocalypse. He was in a good mood, and he reveals some interesting things about Magneto and Professor X.

And in my search for Fassy images, I came across something cool and weird at the same time. Someone made a toy Fassy doll and it looks eerily very much like him, even down to the frown lines on his forehead. When I saw it, that Depeche Mode song, 'Personal Jesus', came to my mind because you could have a Personal Fassy if you could buy this doll. But it's not for sale. Would you buy it?

Your own, Personal, Fassy

Reach out and touch Fassy


Kruschelkasten said...

Would I buy such a doll? No, but I think I would go with a live size wallpaper ;)


angelica cecilia said...

once again I totally agree with your comments