Friday, January 8, 2016

TGIF 1.8.16 (updated)

What a Fassy week this has been! I witnessed first hand Michael Fassbender receiving the International Star Award Actor this past Saturday night in Palm Springs. And this weekend, Michael will receive the Best Actor award from the LA Film Critics Association on Saturday, and then the following evening, he will attend the Golden Globes and hopefully take home his first Golden Globe on his third nomination. Michael is being a trooper by multi-tasking and jet-setting across the globe to meet his filming obligations, as well as his promotional obligations to Universal and the Steve Jobs film in hopes of the film receiving several Oscar nominations.

Pete Hammond at Dateline wrote a timely article on Michael on Thursday afternoon that is going to be read by an important audience and clarify a few things, especially that taken out of context comment about him not wanting to do Oscar campaigning. I knew what he meant then, only assholes and idiots took his words out of context and twisted them.

I'll be hanging out at Fassinating Fassbender Facebook during the Golden Globes to chat with people about Michael on the red carpet and his hopeful big win. Please come visit us about 7pm EST Sunday night at FFF.

Oscar bloggers have been falling over themselves as of late with suspicious 'A Case for...' articles in support of a certain actor, or a certain movie, etc. Bloggers whose livelihood is based on objectivity in writing articles about the entertainment industry, are showing their pimp cards and these articles are total paid pieces by PR and studios. Since I'm just a plain ole non-profit fan blogger of Michael Fassbender, I'm going to write my own 'A Case for Michael Fassbender' Oscar article next week! If you're curious about my thoughts on The Revenant, please read my review at ToZ. In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio is Michael's main competitor, and Michael needs all the support he can get to keep his momentum high all the way through Oscar night. I'm happy to do whatever little bit I can... for FREE. I don't have to get paid to write what I feel in my heart is the best male actor performance of 2015. I have no financial or professional vested interest in wholly supporting Michael. I'm doing it because I believe in him and the man has paid his dues to be recognized once and for all.

Early Friday morning, the BAFTAs will announce the nominations, and I hope Michael makes the cut. I have not been impressed with BAFTA, they are a concern to me because they have thrown British talent under the bus in favor of nominating talent they think the Oscars find worthy. And that is lacking integrity as far as I'm concerned.

Update: Michael has been nominated for a BAFTA in the Lead Actor category. Congratulations Michael!!

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Stephanie Czekalski said...

I'm sorry I could'nt take part in the chat while the Golden Globes ..
I wake up five hours after the start of the red carpet.

I look forward to seeing the results.
I support Michael 100% but I have not seen the movies, I'm not very impartial ;)

I'm a little angry because Steve Jobs should be released in France on January 6 but it's delayed on February 3 grrrr

Congrats to Michael for the BAFTAs nomination.