Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 73rd Golden Globes tonight! (Update)

Michael Fassbender was not available to attend the Los Angeles Film Critics Association awards last night in person to accept his second Best Actor award from this group. Michael has only finalized filming of Assassin's Creed in London and most likely he was in route to California late Saturday so that he can attend the Golden Globes (GG) on Sunday. Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin accepted Michael's award on his behalf.  In the event that Aaron's speech transcript is available, I'll post it as soon as possible.

The Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC beginning at 8pm EST. However, Fassinating Fassbender will host a live commentary of the show starting at 7pm EST for the red carpet event. Be warned, the Best Actor category that Michael is nominated in will be presented in the last half hour of the show, so, we'll have to watch the entire program to hopefully watch Michael win this award. On Monday, I will write a post-GG article and based on the results of the Best Actor winner, that will be my guide and cue to the tone of my article. I have some theories that I'm itching to share, so please stay tuned.

Best Actor nominees

Bryan Cranston - Trumbo
Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant
Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl
Will Smith - Concussion

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Congratulations and good luck to Michael!

Michael in attendance at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards!

In a surprise win, Congratulations to Kate Winslet for Best Supporting Actress in Steve Jobs!

Wow, Steve Jobs won it's second Golden Globe tonight for Best Adapated Screenplay (duh!). Congratulations to Aaron Sorkin!

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