Monday, February 29, 2016

Handsome at the Oscars

It was nice to see Michael Fassbender make a family affair out his night at the Oscars, and this time, it was daddy Fassbender's turn to walk the red carpet. A lot of unmarried young stars opt to bring their parent(s) and that's so sweet. The look on Josef's face not only reveals how proud he is of Michael, but that he's loving being there too. I hope they didn't cringe too much during the evening - I couldn't bare to watch it all. Again, congratulations Michael on being recognized by the highest honor in the industry for your work.


LCBMeslar said...

Perhaps I've missed a post, but I haven't seen much addressing why Macbeth was snubbed in this year's awards season. Any thoughts?

Simone said...

According to awards pundits, Shakespeare just does not fair well during awards seasons. I personally will never understand why, other than the fact that the works of Shakespeare is done so frequently that it becomes redundant to reward this genre, but even that excuse falls flat because not all productions are up to the quality of Justin Kurzel's Macbeth. If you do a search on the blog for Macbeth, you will read my opinions about the mistreatment of this film. In a year when an actor like Michael Fassbender gives us not just one, but two very different and brilliant films, and still not walk away with an Oscar, is unfathomable and frankly, it shows how petty and ignorant the lot is in Hollywood, and that includes BAFTA who so desperately wants to be like Oscar, but they never will. Macbeth should have done better there, but BAFTA didn't want anything to do with it because they knew that it wasn't AMPAS' cup of tea.

thanks for your comment.

LCBMeslar said...

Thanks for your response, Simone! I have gone back and read the Macbeth articles and am thoroughly enjoying re-watching it on Amazon Prime. It does seem crazy to have been overlooked. I'm just glad that after last year, Michael doesn't seem to put too much stock in the awards.