Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peter Travers Thinks Michael Should Win the Oscar

American film critic Peter Travers is very well known and popular, and his film reviews and Oscar predictions are well respected. So when he listed Steve Jobs as his #2 movie (second to Spotlight) on his year end RollingStone article, you knew he loved the movie and Michael Fassbender's performance. Today, Peter unveiled his Oscar predictions. I have been avoiding predictions this season because the majority of pundits and voters have dranked all the DiCaprio flavored purple Kool-Aid, and to save face and not be mocked for supporting a different actor and deviating from the expected, everyone has fallen in line like good little kiddies by predicting and wanting (i.e., needing) Leo to win. But since I knew how much Travers enjoyed Steve Jobs, I took a quick look at his list and I was very happy to read this:

As long as popular critics like Travers speak the truth about the power of Michael's performance and give credit where credit is due by acknowledging his work as an important 'Should win' analysis, I'll take this. A lot of people will read the article and most will absolutely agree that Michael "should" win. The Academy Awards have not only demonstrated what an elite organization it is to be at the highest echelon of the entertainment awards, but they also demonstrated how predictable and easily manipulated they are. For Oscar pundits to "know" how voters will vote is very telling, and hence the decades old practice of predicting the 'who should' and 'who will' win analysis'.  I'm glad that Peter called out the category fraud of Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara in "Supporting Actress". Is it no wonder that their great performances are stand outs in that category because in essence, they are Lead Actresses shadowing above Supporting actresses? One of them will win, and like Peter thinks, I'm hoping it's Rooney Mara in Carol. I don't agree with his predictions about The Revenant, there's no way Alejandro is winning back to back director when George Miller did what he did with Mad Max: Fury Road. And either Spotlight or Mad Max is winning best picture.

If it weren't for Chris Rock being the host this year, I would probably pass on watching the Oscars. Why? The winner in the one category I care about is a signed deal, and that's not cool in my book. Of all the years the academy purposefully denied Leonardo, all the fuckin' years, they are going to give it to him now when Michael knocked the ball out of the park as Steve Jobs. As I posted on twitter yesterday, I believe the LA Film Critics Association anticipated the fuckery in the Best Actor race and voted with good conscience for Michael Fassbender to give him the respect he deserved. Like I said before, Michael will win the Oscar for Steve Jobs, but in another year.


Martha said...

I love that he said that his performance, "will grow in luster over the years".

This has happened to me at times when I watch something and I read that another performance was picked out as being the "best". 15 years down kids who are now 12 will find discover Michael as Steve Jobs and wonder how in the world people voted for Leo and his bear. Much has been said about how much Leo had to endure because the conditions were harsh. But the award is for best "Performance" in a male lead and not "Male actor who had to endure the harshest filming conditions".

As you said Simone on FB the other day, we know this is a farce. Heck Kate Winslet knows it's a farce, but she is still happy for her friend Leo and there is nothing wrong with that.

And as far as supporting actress nominees, that is a farce as well.

I still don't get the hype for Spotlight. To me it showed more likes movie of the week type of thing. The subject, while important is not memorable for any of the performances. I was watching Michael Keaton, Rachael McAdams and Mark Ruffulo (think I spelled that wrong).

Also, it's ridiculous that Steve Jobs was not even nominated. I'm watching Leo and the bear this weekend. I also want to catch Room but I don't know if the subject matter is too depressing.

I wish more critics did this "Who should win"...

Simone said...

As I watched Steve Jobs, I knew that this would be a movie that would age well like a fine wine. It's a shame that group think for a career award has set the tone this year. I truly wish that Michael could have won at least one award.

The hype for Spotlight is on the same group think laziness for Leo. I hope Mad Max wins. I would recommend seeing Room, it's really good.