Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pundits spoiled the Oscar chances for Steve Jobs and Michael (edited)

I complained about this in recent weeks about my belief that award pundit bloggers and gossip writers helped bury Steve Jobs and Michael Fassbender's Oscar glory chances. For such a film and performance to do so well with critics and be the top film in limited release, only to be tossed aside like soiled toilet tissue when The Revenant came out, demonstrates the disturbing power of pundits, and the pitiful ease in manipulating awards bodies.

When I posted on Twitter this evening that I wish that one awards body would have the guts to permit Michael Fassbender to walk up on stage, on TV, and collect an award. Just one. Someone directed me to Ed Gonzales' article in The Slant, which was just posted today, and what he wrote was a thoughtful and honest article about how awards pundits steered the Oscar race into the direction they wanted. This is exactly what I wrote earlier.

Here are two portions of Ed's article, and here is the link  (link corrected) to read the full great article - and my comment.

I have stopped visiting two awards websites this season because they are in bed with 20th Century Fox and other studios in supporting select films/performances. It's hard to support and enjoy visiting such sites because they don't want to acknowledge what they're responsible for, just as long as they get what they want, it's all fun for them... oh, and the FYC ad paychecks are nice too.


Martha said...

Read this article yesterday and was happy that a second person has written that MIchael SHOULD win as well. No use though, it's not gonna change anything. The truth is there though for those who care to know it.

Simone said...

I agree Martha. Although I'm sure there are many others that share these views, they probably feel it's pointless to broadcast it for they will get the wrath of the Leo fans, just like the comments in this article demonstrate.