Friday, February 19, 2016

TGIF 2.19.16

One of the side effects of being a Best Actor nominee in all the top awards this season is that the media is going to pry a bit more into a nominee's life.  We saw evidence of this due to Michael's appearance at the BAFTAs this past weekend, and him not playing part of a lame game during the broadcast. Michael is a well respected and extremely talented A-list actor, not a D-list reality star in need of constant attention. The fallout from him not performing on cue to something juvenile and beneath him is pathetic. Michael was not at an American baseball or hockey game, he was at a high-brow British entertainment event where he was nominated for an award. In the entertainment media landscape where anything goes, and whatever silly thing you do or say is lapped up by the masses, I'm glad Michael doesn't give a damn and stays the course. The ones left holding the bag are the ones trying to set him up to be a performance monkey to an audience. I know Michael went on with his life and flew back to Norway to film the Snowman and thought nothing more of the Baftas.

Michael's Steve Jobs movie came out on DVD/Blu-ray this week, and Macbeth is streaming on Amazon prime. How in the hell do two outstanding performances not be recognized by any of the awards groups is beyond me. And when I mean recognized, I mean having Michael's name called out, and him going up stage to collect an award in a competition category. I just hope that Michael isn't toyed with like how Leonardo has been toyed with for 22 years. That's half your damn life when you're only 41 years old. And you wonder why the man is desperate for the Oscar and to have this game end. And it will end on February 28th.

The day after the Oscars, the 4th annual Michael Fassbender fundraiser for The Bike Experience (TBE) will start. I've been in touch with Talan, the founder of TBE, and he is going to donate some nifty items from TBE for the fundraiser. I look forward to giving some cool things away throughout the duration of the fundraiser to spread the wealth and stimulate donations this year!

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