Friday, February 26, 2016

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This Sunday, 14 months of hard work comes to an end for Michael Fassbender, and he will put his excellent performance and support for Steve Jobs behind him. When Michael accepted this role in the maelstrom of the Sony email hacks in November 2014, and started filming in January 2015, the Steve Jobs film had Oscar cred all over it. Fast forward to February 2016, hopes for Michael winning an Oscar for what he has called his hardest role ever, has diminished to subzero odds. Yet another polarizing role in a polarizing film by this well-known, but under appreciated fearless European actor, has been overshadowed by sympathy for a long time denied, much more famous American actor.

I'll watch the Oscars, but any passion that I had for this ceremony died two months ago. I'm watching it to support Michael Fassbender's well deserved nomination. I have no other horses in the race, and I don't care who or what wins in the categories. Like I mentioned before, I have been greatly disappointed by the Oscar seasons in the past decade, but this year takes the cake. I don't even have an interest to write an Oscar predictions article because I just can't be arsed to care. It is not a fair, objective, diplomatic process of truly honoring the best. The politics, marketing, PR, millions of dollars curiously paid by studios, category frauds, pundits, gullible and lazy voters, manipulations, etc., has tainted beyond repair, an awards season that pretty much declares the favorites to win three months ahead of time. If this bums me out, imagine how the actual nominees feel. Imagine dressing up to attend yet another awards ceremony to applaud for the same person to win time and time again. That's not fun, there's no element of surprise, or spreading the wealth. The group think of all the separate awards bodies is tragic, and year after year, it's always the same. Some rare years there is that one person I'm very supportive of and they win. But like always, they too have the green light throughout the entire season. This year is no different. There will be no surprises, there will be no upsets. It's all a done deal, the awards have already been engraved... practically.

Here is a For Your Consideration ad for Steve Jobs. I really like how it highlights all of Michael's nominations and critic circle wins. Congratulations Michael for your outstanding work in Steve Jobs and your winning spirit and good sportsmanship this entire awards season!

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Oscar season is almost over.

I'll post Oscar red carpet coverage of Michael on Sunday, and on Monday, the Fassinating Fassbender 4th Annual birthday fundraiser begins!


Hupsakeek said...

Well I don't think I watch the Oscars. Need my beauty sleep and you know what I think of this award circus.
I like the For Your Consideration ad very, very much! I think I print it and frame it on my movie wall.

JennyJen said...

I have been reading the blog for a while and this is my first time posting, so Hello!

A good read - thank you - and it pretty much echoes my sentiments regarding the Awards Season this year. I like to think that Michael is going to go to this and 'enjoy it' whilst not having the pressure of expectation upon him. I do think a miraculous win for Michael would not necessarily be a good thing, though; he would be vilified on the Internet, such is the fervour for the front-runner, and I just don't want that for him. Don't get me wrong, I am frustrated and vexed that the prizes are going to the wrong actor, but I don't want Michael to be the object of so much negativity - which he would be, if he won this year.

Michael is such a great actor that I like to think that there will be many more opportunities in the coming years for him to be rewarded.

On a slightly separate issue, is it wrong for me to not want Kate Winslet to win Best Supporting Actress? I like Kate, I really do, but all her wins will mean people will look back on the Steve Jobs movie and believe Kate was the standout. Michael and his performance is the star of that film, all critics agree on that, yet we will only remember the film because it won Kate a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and, possibly, an Academy Award. Nobody is going to remember that Michael didn't win not because he wasn't amazing, but because Leo was 'due'.

Simone said...

@Marjan, get your beauty sleep dear, keep in touch.

@Jenny, I'm glad you signed up so that you can post here. I share you sentiments about Michael taking the heat if he were to win because it's all designed for someone else to win.

I hope Kate wins too so that Steve Jobs can get one Oscar win out of this mess.

Snootiegirl said...

I couldn't help but think that you could replace 'awards' in you blog with the word 'election' and a lot of your disgust about the money and rigging would be just as relevant. Cultural trend maybe?

Simone said...

Oh yes Snootiegirl, awards campaigning is just like election campaigning, I guess that's why it annoys me so much.