Friday, March 11, 2016

TGIF 3.11.16

It's the calm after the four month storm. Post-Oscars, Michael is on the down low, decompressing somewhere exotic, and far away from the intrusive lens of the paparazzi and the media. And you know what, I'm glad he hasn't been spotted anywhere since Feb 28th, because this gives me a break too. Not a complete break from my FF duties, but I'm not on as high-alert in being on the look out for new reports and articles on Michael Fassbender. And this break comes at the perfect time as we are nearing the end of the second week of the 4th annual Fassinating Fassbender birthday fundraiser for The Bike Experience (TBE).

At the time of this article update, we are at 25% of our goal. The pace is slow, but the donation amounts have been very impressive from core regular supporters. Fassinating Fassbender literally has thousands of readers, but this fundraiser has been embraced by a small percentage of readers. So to those of you who have donated thus far - thank you very much! To those who have pledged to me that you plan to donate - thank you very much! And for those of you planning to donate but have not communicated that to me - thank you in advance for your support.

Remember, your name will go on a special birthday message to Michael Fassbender, and your hard earned monies will go directly to The Bike Experience to help them buy new equipment for new clients who want to use their services. And there is the grand prize to be won as well! Your donations are giving people a reason to live, you truly are! I realize that this charity is not to everyone's liking or approval, and that's too bad. Some people are not in the habit of making charitable donations, or some people have a particular charity they already support, so this fan fundraiser is something that just doesn't fall on their radar of interest; that's life and the challenge a fundraiser organizer just has to deal with. The Bike Experience is a smart charity that is in alignment with a hobby that Michael loves doing, and the charity changes people's lives for the better. Please donate whatever you can to support TBE, and to wish Michael a happy birthday from Team Fassinating Fassbender! Remember, you can donate anonymously, and any amount is greatly appreciated!


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