Friday, March 25, 2016

TGIF 3.25.16

It's easy to beg for money when it is going to honor two important things: Supporting an outstanding British charity that helps disabled people to ride a motorcycle; and to celebrate Michael Fassbender's birthday. We are going into the final stretch, one week remaining to hit our £1000 +goal. I've been really impressed by the amounts of money that people have donated thus far and it demonstrates the power of how coming together can do so much good. As I write this post late Thursday evening, two donations were posted placing us at 63% of our goal. I'm really moved by people's willingness and ability to give to such a noble cause.

Easter is this weekend and I know people will be busy with personal obligations. So if you can rally and do a good deed and donate on GOOD Friday, that would push us so much closer to our goal, and position us to surpass it. We have one more week to do this and I know we can do it because we love Michael Fassbender and want to help him ring in his 39th birthday properly! Thanks and Happy Easter!

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