Thursday, March 31, 2016

We did it!!!

Michael is very pleased!
Twenty-seven donors contributed their donations this year which helped the FF birthday fundraiser reach and surpass our fundraiser goal! At the time of this article being published, we have raised £1022.79! Thank you, thank you all who donated! This fundraiser ends at 10pm EST tonight. So there is still time for YOU to donate and to have your name included on the Fassy birthday announcement notice which will be given to him for his birthday on Saturday, 2 April.

All your hard earned monies are going to a non-profit charity that helps The Bike Experience maintain their motorcycles and buy safety equipment and train disabled persons to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Today is the last day to donate:

All who have donated are truly fassinating fassinators and you're a part of an elite group of fans. You should be so proud of yourselves. I certainly am! Thank you!

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Kruschelkasten said...

Congratulations! And to you as well, Simone. Because without your nudging ;) we wouldn’t be there and TBE couldn't buy the needed equipment.