Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fassy Birthday Day and Fundraiser Contest Winner!

Today is Michael Fassbender's 39th birthday, and we just completed a successful fundraiser in his honor reaching 108% of our goal! Michael, whatever you're doing today, have a lot of fun and have a drink on us because he love and admire you for all the joy and entertainment you give to us! 

Happy Birthday!

We had 29 donations this year. And of all the years since 2013, this year had the highest average donation made at £37. That is very impressive! The whole average for the previous three years, was £28. Due to us just missing our goal last year, donors this year dug deep into their wallets and were more generous this year. Thank you all so very much!!! A successful fundraiser reflects a healthy and supportive community, and you don't know how much this means to me. So it's my honor to award a contest prize to the donor raffle winner this year.

I added all donor's name to the Contest Winner Picker random-ize website, clicked on the 'Pick One' button, and voila!.... Jennifer W. is this year's winner! Jennifer, you won a copy of the Michael Fassbender Biography written by Jim Mahoney! And the St. Patrick's Day winner, Sara Irvin will get a t-shirt from The Bike Experience! Talan is very appreciative of our support this year, he's in Cornwall on personal business, and he'll ship some t-shirts off to me next week. Depending on how many he sends me (I'm nabbing one big time!), I'll pick a few more names as runner ups and a few more people will get a TBE t-shirt too.

Happy Birthday Michael, and thank you to all the donors listed below!

Christine H
Kendra R
Jennifer W*
April K
Stephanie C
Sara I*
Vera I
Dianne d
Aimee VG
Marjan V
Jen C
Lauren BM
Isabelle S
Andrea C
Ramona C
Annagathe H
Gabriel L
Karen A
Rebekah H
Gisela F
Anonymous 1, 2 and 3

*contest winners


Gabriel said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Thank you Simone for everything you do.

Simone said...

Thank you Gabriel, you have donated every year and that is greatly appreciated! xoxo

JennyJen said...

Thanks for such a great fundraiser for a fabulous cause, Simone - I was very happy to contribute. And wow - I won the book - what a lovely surprise! Thanks so much!