Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Fundraiser Winners! Updated

Once again, I cannot stress how happy I am that we had such a successful fundraiser this year to not only recognize the birthday of the best actor of our generation, Michael Fassbender, but to support a charity that all of those who donated, really believe in.

Talan Skeels-Piggins, the founder of The Bike Experience, will be sending me some TBE t-shirts. I pulled some names from a second raffle, and the t-shirt winners are:

Annagathe H, Karen A, Gabriel L and Kendra R! I got one for myself and the admin team. This was a unique year and again, thank you all for your support!

Also, stay tuned later today because the official trailer for Dream the Impossible goes live!

Here is the new trailer for 'Dream the Impossible', a documentary on The Bike Experience!

Dream the Impossible FULL TRAILER from Speechless Films on Vimeo.


aimee said...

Congrats to all winners :)

Karen said...

That is really awesome, thank you so much...it was a pleasure to be a part of this great fundraiser!! ~K