Thursday, April 28, 2016

TGIF 4.29.16

Michael Fassbender has been spotted around Australia, mostly shopping, eating, and seen hanging out, enjoying himself... but more on the down low. He's there to film Alien: Covenant, however, he will be taking a break in about a week to start the promotional work for X-Men: Apocalypse! The film's release date in the USA is May 27th, but it will open in Europe and the UK May 18 & 19, with the UK premiere reportedly on May 9th. We will surely have much more to see and catch up on Michael in the coming weeks, and I tell you, I can't wait. I appreciate the Fassy down time so I'm not too distracted from real world stuff, but I adore the dude and I do want to see him in new interview clips and read the latest on him.

I'm heading off to Philadelphia in a few hours for my 20th...or my 25th, Pearl Jam concert since 1994! Sadly I have lost track, but one thing's for sure, I love them! So that is why the weekly TGIFassy post is posting a little earlier. I can't neglect one love over another. :)

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Stephanie Czekalski said...

Enjoy your trip and your concert Simone :)