Friday, April 8, 2016

TGIF 4.8.16

Earlier this week, Michael Fassbender won the Jupiter Award in Germany for Best International Male Star. Even though Michael could not attend the event somewhere in Germany, he accepted his award like the perfect gentleman that he is, by wearing a tux and speaking in German to accept his award. It is a rare treat to hear Michael speak in the tongue of his birth country. There is another award that Michael could collect this weekend, and it is the Irish Film and Television Awards, which will be handed out Saturday, 9 April.

Michael is still in Norway filming The Snowman, so I am not sure if Michael will attend the IFTAs in person, or if he does win, if he'll put on his tux again, and record an acceptance speech. Remember, if he wins the IFTA, it will be his first competitive award won for his excellent portrayal of Steve Jobs.

Now that Steve Jobs and Macbeth are available on either Blu-ray or streaming on Amazon, a lot of people are watching both films and a lot of those people are also NOW declaring how incredible Michael Fassbender is in both films and that he should have won an Oscar. Duh! Gee, thanks people, you're a day late and a dollar short. If people actually went to the theater to support Michael's films in the first place, this past awards season would have been more respectful to him.


Martha said...

Well one thing for sure, when Michael was ignored it is what I thought. That his performances will be viewed in the future and people will wonder why he did not win.

But we already knew it. We. Already knew it.

Simone Cromer said...

I've seen critics write the same thing. His recent work will stand the test of time and people will look back in amazement that Michael Fassbender performed so brilliantly in two very different, and demanding roles in one calendar year. Only to lose out to sympathy and brilliant 'overdue' marketing blitz.

Slávka Fulierová said...

Simone Cromer, Michael isn´t in Norway already. He should by in New Zealand for Alien: Covenant now.

Kruschelkasten said...

As a German you do hear in his acceptance speech for the Jupiter Award that Michael didn't grow up in Germany and that his lingua franca is English. He speaks like a colleague of mine who is British and speaks German with an adorable English accent.

You find the speech at Youtube and if you wonder what he said:
'Thank You, Cinema magazine. I'm proud of (this prize). I'm sorry I couldn' be there, because I'm working in Norway. But thank you. It is... [*]... no you don't say that, but thank you.'

*He uses the words "Süß sein" that make no sense in this context in German. I really don't know what he wanted to say. "Süß" translates as cute or sweet.