Monday, May 16, 2016

Michael at the Sydney VIP Screening of X-Men Apocalypse

Photo by Mentrik Tjen

FF reader Mentrik Tjen kindly shared these photos of Michael Fassbender attending the Sydney VIP screening of X-Men: Apocalypse. She said he looked even better in real life, and was very sweet with all the fans. Since Michael is down under filming Prometheus 2, it appears that this may be the only premiere he can attend to support the film. I guess that's the good and bad thing about working in Australia; it either prevents you from doing all the premiere stuff for other films, or it's just so far, far away, you can't go. It's like a glass half-full, half-empty dilemma.

Zimbio just posted a bunch of photos from the VIP event too, so check them out!

Thanks Mentrik, I'm glad you had a great time!

Photo M Tjen

Photo M Tjen


Stephanie Czekalski said...

And the velvet jacket is back :)

Thanks Mentrik

nancys said...

it was deep chocolate brown suede :)

Stephanie Czekalski said...

I will change my glasses ;)