Monday, June 13, 2016

Michael Monday #2

I had a nice weekend, but the usual gun violence and bloodshed in this country (particularly Orlando, FL) continues to get worse. Deranged fans are a serious matter that all high profile people need to be aware of and take precautions against, even Fassy. Based on the attitudes of some people hailing from one website source, who aren't even fans of his, but spend way, way too much time obsessing over him and posting the same hateful, critical opinions about him at Just Jared and The Daily Mail, for example, it's important to call out such anti-social online behaviors. I value freedom of expression, but some websites or specific message board forum threads need to have the plug pulled. It can happen, I've seen it happen when the toxic levels reached dangerous levels of hate and racism directed at a celebrity. Such places are useless and garner too much attention for being so negative. In a civilized society, such places would not be permitted to exist. Steer clear of those bad places and focus on the multiple Michael Fassbender websites, including FF, that consistently post positive news and information on him.

Happy Michael Monday, he's the Best!


Amy said...

Hear hear! Just want to say I'm loving Michael Mondays and I finally saw X Men Apocolypse yesterday. Being a fan of the original triology I love to see how this franchise stays true to those films and delves further into the characters' stories. I practically skipped out of the cinema!

Simone Cromer said...

Thank you Amy, I'm glad you're enjoying MMs and my humble opinions! X Men Apocalypse was an entertaining film and I'm glad you skipped out the cinema after watching it. Sounds like a 4-star review to me. :)

Georgia 1977 said...

I may not agree with everything at times, but anyone viciously attacking just for the sake of attacking and then attacking someone's family just makes me see red. Michael's a great artist. And that will never change.