Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Michael!

I was just thinking that since Michael is heavy into production mode for Alien: Covenant, news and images will be light for the remainder of spring and perhaps going into summer as well. Although there is a new weekend article on Michael at JustJared, I figure this is a good time to offer up a nice new series for regular updating of the blog. For over four years now, TGIFassy has become a mainstay that readers look forward to. This Monday, after a long weekend of volunteer work, I came into my job this morning feeling a little run down and blue. But sure enough, when I found this 'New to Me' image of Michael, it cheered me up immediately. So today commences a new series of regular blog updates to help you to start off your Monday in proper order. I'm introducing Monday Michael today. Enjoy!


Martha said...

I am sure I will very much enjoy Michael Mondays. This was a very entertaining image to start this segment. Michael is such a good natured man that I am looking forward to him brightening my Monday. I know yesterday was kind of blah to start the week but the picture you posted made me smile.

Simone Cromer said...

I'm glad you agree Martha. Sometimes a full week goes by without me updating the blog between TGIFassy. We all have Monday morning blues, and who better to put a smile on our faces than Michael Fassbender? :D

April said...

Nice - it's good to shake it up a bit, haha. Here's to less-blah Mondays this summer!