Friday, June 17, 2016

TGIF 6.17.16

I purposefully searched for an image of Michael were he is looking contemplative, yet hopeful, because the past seven days has not been good in the news. With the British voting for Leave or Remain next week, things came to a horrible boiling point yesterday that just leaves the sensible person, regardless of which side you're on, just depressed and sad. I will leave for my long planned holiday to London and then Paris on 23 June and I'm very excited, but I am aware that I will arrive in London just hours after the decision from the voters and I'm sure half the population will be happy and the other will be bummed out. Either way, I will make the most of my visit to London. While I'm on holiday, please monitor FF at Facebook because Vera, Stephanie and Martha will keep it active.

A parcel arrived earlier this week, but I have not been able to go pick it up yet - I will on Saturday. I'm sure it's the Bike Experience t-shirts that Talan sent me for the fundraiser raffle winners. I promise to get those off to you guys in the coming month.

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