Friday, June 3, 2016

TGIF 6.3.16

If you haven't see X-Men: Apocalypse yet, please go ahead and check it out. It's quite entertaining - so don't mind the mixed reviews, judge for yourself. I'll be making a decision about the Michael Fassbender Weekly online newspaper from I have the content settings set so that it can automatically update every Wednesday, the top headlines on Michael Fassbender. Making this easier and more efficient for me being so busy. But it has been very lazy in searching for relevant news articles. In light of the Johnny Depp fiasco, cheap shot articles have been tossing Michael's name into the fray of an irrelevant mix and said articles have popped up at MF Weekly. This is totally unacceptable. So this past Wednesday, when the newsletter automatically updated, it featured a poorly written, half-assed lazy inflammatory article that centered on Michael. So I manually updated this week's paper to remove that crap and have more appropriate and informative articles featured.

So if I'm forced to make the decision to re-edit the newspaper again in the next few weeks, I may have to retire this FF social media format because it would be unreliable and not meeting the standards of what I expect from it. I have to upgrade and pay for features that allow more editing power and I'm not willing to do that. I have spread myself thinly for Fassinating Fassbender, and I don't want to put anymore money into something that I can't get a return on investment.

I will be going on vacation to London and Paris, June 23- July 2. The blog will not be updated during this time, so please monitor FF @ Facebook regularly for updates from Martha, Vera and Stephanie. They are busy as well too, and news on Michael has been light, so they will do their best. As I really get into gear in planning my move to California this fall, I may not be as active, but I will still be around and keeping FF as fresh as possible. So I would appreciate any extra pair of eyes for news and info on Michael that you would like me to update on. I'm working 10 hours a day and that doesn't permit me much time to be on Fassy related topics - but my antenna is still on active alert.

This week's TGIF photo is from this nice short video of Michael and James MacAvoy. This screenshot was too good to pass up - I love this mischievous look on Michael's face. Priceless. Check it out:

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