Monday, July 11, 2016

Michael Monday 5

As I'm starting my serious apartment clean up for my moving plans to California, I have come to realize that I have pretty much collected all major magazines that featured a cover story on Michael in the past 9 years. I actually have two medium sized boxes that perfectly hold over a dozen magazines of varying sizes. I'm throwing out a lot of stuff I don't want and can't take with me, but these boxes will be protected like family heirlooms. It's amazing looking back at Michael's career since I became interested in him in 2007. Over the coming years, I expect to continue this hobby of collecting magazines featuring Michael and just keep them so I can have my own tangible wikipedia on the man.

Have you been collecting and saving magazines on Michael? How big is your collection?


JennyJ said...

I am jealous of all those Michael covers that you have, Simone! I've only been following Michael seriously for a short time so I only have one magazine cover. I am hoping that this will change with the release of the two films later in the year. I don't expect much publicity for The Light Between Oceans, but I expect at least one cover story for Assassin's Creed - it really is about time. A good GQ or Esquire will do!

Good luck with the packing!

Simone Cromer said...

Oh Jenny, yes, in time you will develop a nice Fassy collection. Thing is, as long as I have been following Michael's career, I KNOW there are people who have a much, much larger collection of Fassy stuff than I do, regardless of how long or short of time they have been following him. I don't collect every magazine because they don't all appeal to me, so that's one thing. Another is that I have not seen all of Michael's work yet...the older stuff is harder to obtain. But I'll see it all, eventually.