Monday, July 25, 2016

Michael Monday 7

Some fans were upset that Michael did not attend Comic Con this year to support Assassin's Creed. You need to realize that participation in events like this have been thoroughly reviewed and the best decision about schedule availability and other professional obligations and commitments need to be taken into account. Michael just finished filming down in Australia just over a week ago, and he went back to London for a short time, and now he's in the states to promote his next film. Sure, it would have been great exposure for AC to have him at Comic Con, after all, his company helped produced it, but Michael had other obligations that conflicted with the event. Michael has attended Comic Con about five times in the past 8 years, from my count, so he deserves a break from that overhyped, mass marketed geek fest.

Michael is scheduled to appear on the Jimmy Fallon Show tomorrow, July 26.

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