Friday, July 8, 2016

TGIF 7.8.16

20th Century Fox

Two new images from Michael's Assassin's Creed were released yesterday, and the best way to honor one of them is to TGIF it! I also learned that in the AC movie, some creative liberties will be employed big time. No characters from the actual video game will be in the film, and the movie will focus mostly in the present day instead of in the 15th century. The combination of these plot details allows 20th Century to have more creative freedom for a theatrical film experience. So I don't know how the hard core fans of the video will feel about this, but for video games to translate better onto the screen, some significant changes need to be made to the story plot and characters for depth and a more linear film watching experience, which should be different than the experience of playing with a video game.

Besides all that, I'm sure that at least 35% of the audience who plans to see this movie has never played the game. They just heard about it, and are compelled to watch it because Michael Fassbender is starring in it. Assassin's Creed will be released stateside on December 21st.

Meanwhile, Michael is still down in Australia working hard on Alien: Covenant. He should pop his head up for air any day now. I miss seeing him, and I'm sure you do too.

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