Monday, August 29, 2016

Michael Monday 12

Some people were wondering why on Earth Michael Fassbender attended the Amanda Awards in Norway over the weekend. Well, remember that movie, The Snowman, based and filmed in Norway earlier this year, starring Michael as Harry Hole? The film will be released in 2017, and now is a perfect time for Michael to participate in high profile events in Norway to help promote his Norwegian produced film. Michael looked handsome as always, and he was in a very good mood.

I received my Entertainment Weekly issue on Saturday and I was surprised that EW didn't think to have Michael and Alicia on the cover to promote The Light Between the Oceans. Instead, they had Emily Blunt on the cover promoting her The Girl on the Train movie which comes out on October 7th! Smart priorities Entertainment Weekly! You have an otherwise in depth interview with Michael and Alicia, who are all over the place promoting their film that comes out NEXT Friday, but yet they aren't on the cover. Jesus, I need to get into PR when I move to LA soon because I reckon I can do things a little bit better than how things are currently managed in Hollywood. I'm not just talking about Michael, but Hollywood in general, everyone in PR needs to re-take PR 101, even if it's an online course!

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