Friday, August 5, 2016

TGIF 8.5.16

What do you look for in characters you play? Provocation. I always try and look at the story and see where that character fits into it. Then the audience can go, ‘I hated him’ or they go, ‘No, I quite liked him’. Hopefully people sit down over dinner and the film lives on for a couple of hours and maybe the next day and maybe the day after that. As human beings I think we’re pretty complicated and pretty shaded and we’re not so black and white. Those sorts of characters I find interesting. - Edgar 

FF's Favorite complicated Fassy characters that linger on the mind:

Rochester/Jane Eyre
Silas/Slow West
Epps/12 Years a Slave

Thanks for reading my essay from earlier this week. It's the highest viewed and read FF blog article this year.

I appreciate the words of support regarding my fundraiser, a few have made pledges to give before it closes. Thanks!

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