Friday, September 16, 2016

TGIF 9.16.16

You have to be an ugly person to hate this handsome face!

Michael Fassbender cries a lot... a LOT in his movies; red face, quivering lips, and snot for bonus believability. So do you ever wonder how he does it so well? Michael shared his secret to movie crying last week at the TIFF Soiree that I had the pleasure of attending.

He toggles between two methods to get to an emotional place where he needs to cry for a scene.He either tries to remember something sad or traumatic and re-live it or just relaxes physically and mentally and focuses. “You exercise that muscle over many years and go into that state, and it becomes a trigger. So sometimes I just need to say a sentence to myself that would trigger it. I pray to relatives that are dead and I ask them to look out for me if I’m going into a scene like that. You hope that you’ll get to that place truthfully because it’s horrible to pretend cry.” - Fashion Magazine

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