Friday, September 30, 2016

TGIF 9.30.16

This final day of September marks the closing of a very busy and productive month for me. I made two round-trip day trips to Toronto to attend TIFF for Michael Fassbender related events. Originally, I was going to skip TIFF this year, but I'm so glad I was able to attend for Fassinating Fassbender readers, and I hope you all enjoyed the things I shared with you. No other Michael Fassbender fan website devotes as much personal time, effort, and money to try to bring to you and share with you, exclusive insights into the latest regarding Michael Fassbender's life and his career. The video I recorded of a portion of the TIFF Soiree has received almost 3K views, so it's great that people wanted to see just a snipet of this rare opportunity to hear Michael talk about his career at such a high profile fundraising event. My love, adoration, and respect for Michael is as strong as ever, and as I transition into a new phase in my personal and professional life, Fassinating Fassbender will continue to be a beloved 'professional hobby' that I will update regularly and maintain as time permits. 

Being in the LA area will also permit me to capture even more unique opportunities to cover Michael at events in Hollywood. Not that I'm associated with anything in the entertainment industry, at least not yet, but my proximity to the epicenter of the entertainment world will be much more closer than being 2200 miles away in boring Michigan. So I'm really looking forward to those types of opportunities that will continue to allow me to further develop Fassinating Fassbender as a fan blog with a unique, fresh, and exclusive insight and commentary about the life and career of Michael Fassbender. 

I visited Los Angeles last week where I had some job interviews and secured housing. I will be leaving for California the week of October 17 and I will chronicle my travels on Instagram from Michigan to California - all 2,247 miles of the journey. With that said, my updates will be sporadic for the month of October as I really buckle down with the planning of this cross country move. And during the week of my move, there will be no FF updates. I'm lucky to have found the place where I will call home immediately upon arriving in Los Angeles, I'll even have maid service which is included in the rent! I'll be living about 30 minutes outside of downtown LA, and the views of the San Gabriel mountains inspire daydreams and will offer miles of beautiful hiking. This living arrangement will be very welcomed to help offset the anticipated stress of life in a new big city and the commute to work. I have no friends in LA, so I look forward to making new friends so that I can really come to love and enjoy living in LA. To inaugurate my new life in LA, I'm going to attend a concert on the evening of Oct 24th at an Irish Pub called Molly Malones. 

I hope you all have seen or plan to watch The Light Between Oceans, it's really a well made and beautiful film (review). I don't know when Trespass Against Us will be released in theaters, but it's another great film starring Michael that deserves your support (review). I realize that with the poor history of how video games turn to movies have not fared well at the box office, but Michael's Assassin's Creed should set a new precedence and do very well because he's starring in it and producing it. It's also starring Marion Cotillard, and it's directed by Justin Kurzel. So this is no C-list starring attempt to jump start a video game movie franchise, this is serious business with top talent, which also involves Ubisoft, the video game software creators. I've read a lot of people's cynical views about the potential for this to fail, mostly due to the history of video games turning to movies failing at the box office, and because of the release date, December 21, which scares some people since One Rogue opens a few days earlier. Be that as it may, Assassin's Creed will do good business and it can't steer clear of certain movies just because of a massively build in fan base, if anything, this may be a simple sign of confidence in Assassin's Creed's ability to still do well enough to earn the respect that it should have. 

Here I go again. For your sake, please continue to ignore the hateful segment of the fandom because the energy they exude is too negative and vile. Unfortunately, things have gotten much worse with that lot in recent months and it's troubling, it's as if they all ran out of their anti-psychotic medication at the same time. I know it's like watching a bloody car crash and you feel compelled to keep tabs on them to read their hateful, ignorant, racist shit. I know some of you read that junk for a laugh at their insanity. I do too, but I monitor them every so often to keep up to date on the crap. It's akin to a normal, sane, compassionate human being journalist being professionally obligated to cover the Trump campaign. It sucks, it's gross, it's demoralizing, but, it's part of the job. But some forums that cater to feral trolls for the traffic are just too dark and nasty for the average decent fan. So take it from me, don't pay them the attention they desperately seek, they are much more uglier than those they attack, very ugly, that's why they don't reveal themselves; racist ghetto trolls are very, very hideous people, inside and out, with pathetic lives and no one in their life that loves them. They project their hate onto a beautiful and kind man and his close associates because they aren't getting what they need from him. Which is, the ability, via outlandish fantasies, to project themselves into his personal life because his personal life does not offer a reflection of what their warped reality identifies with. They fear to be held accountable for the pure crap they write about from their caves, so they hide behind computers while spouting insane nonsense among each other while enjoying the fact that an audience is reading their psychotic, sadistic, anti-social, narcissistic, racist bullshit. The overwhelming majority of the audience does not share their views, they are just going to the zoo to see what the animals are up to in their cages, which is flinging shit straight out of their asses and tossing it wherever it will stick. 

On a calmer note, I want to say thank you to the few select individuals who made donations to my personal fundraiser. Although I did not meet my goal, I am moved by the kind charity of people who I consider the best part of why I do what I do for FF. In the 8 years (Sept 8, 2008) of writing for Fassinating Fassbender, I have never asked for a penny for any of the personal costs associated with managing this blog, the raffle prizes, or the expenses related to traveling to events to cover Michael Fassbender; so in the one and only time I asked for donations to help fund a personal project, I'm humbled that a few of you responded to my call. Thank you so very much!

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