Friday, October 7, 2016

Michael is honored in Killarney

Congratulations to Michael for being honored tonight in Killarney into the Order of Innisfallen at Muckross House. Michael's parents and Alicia were there to support him on this very special occasion. As some of you know, I have had the pleasure of visiting Killarney twice, and I went to Muckross House on both trips. Such a lovely place, and seeing images of Killarney on this autumn day is beautiful and inviting. I'm so proud of Michael today!

Watch this interview clip of Michael on RTEnews!


nanna said...

Amazing, Simone my darling forget this idiot people how was the last time that you saw Mr. Fassbender he's an open person ? He seens a nice man make me with a little envy that you know him and i'm not, despite his personal life that's not from our business, he's someone that talk about everything, he seens an honest person not an arrogant guy, XO xO

nanna said...

tHE 9° best thing of the world.

Jhessye said...

Hey Simone! Thank you for posting despite being busy! I know how that feels. I actually live in China now working as a teacher and learning more about this big world! Whoa travel! We are powerful, yeah!! This is great news for Michael. Fantastic guys! Good luck with your move. You will do great in Cali. I hope you get to visit Yosemite and Big Sur once you have settled. Beautiful places! Whoa!!!