Friday, October 28, 2016

TGIF 10.28.16

All this week there's been some interesting articles and interviews with Michael Fassbender as The Light Between Oceans is set to open next week in UK theaters on Tuesday, November 1. The tabloids and entertainment columns are just so ecstatic and relieved to report, and confirm, just how much Michael is happy in his personal relationship with his co-star, Alicia Vikander. You know, because, prying into his private life is the only way to get people interested in him and his movie. Right? As I wrote in my review of 'Oceans' from early September, it's a beautiful film that should just be sold on its own artistic merits, but you know me, I'm just not your average film goer. I tend to be interested in a film because of its theme, not who the actors are dating, but I bitchingly digress...

For you British folk, please check out my review and just go see The Light Between Oceans because it's an extremely well made drama that pulls at your heart. But if you tend to steer clear of weepy dramas, just go see it to support Michael like a true fan would. Don't wait for it to come out on HBO to praise it, just like how people are doing to Steve Jobs right now. Because by then it will be too late and your much needed box office dollars will not count towards its financial success. As an example, I've been rolling my eyes in exasperation, and to the point of developing a migraine due to all the overflowing praise and words of awesomeness coming from people posting on Twitter about just how super kick ass Michael Fassbender was in Steve Jobs... a film they couldn't take their dumb asses to the theater to watch him kick ass, and help make it a stronger box office success, which could have helped him at the Oscars! But instead, they wait half a damn year later to watch the film on cable, only to then curse to the heavens that Leo "stole" Michael's Oscars.

A day late and a dollar short Steve Jobs praise.

It's my hopes that these late to the Fassbender party clueless people will at least now be more familiar with Michael Fassbender and give him the box office respect that he deserves. If not for The Light Between The Oceans, then please do it for Assassin's Creed in December! He's starring in that and producing it, and it will be the first film of the Creed franchise. I'm tired of people recognizing how incredible Michael Fassbender is AFTER the fact! He needs and deserves our, and new fan's support now, and while his films are in theaters! I hope Oceans finds success in the UK worthy of the artistic merits of this beautifully bittersweet drama.

Simone's LA move update: I have been in Los Angeles for a full week now and I'm coming along fine. I'm all moved in, I applied for a California driver's license, and I got California plates for my car. And most importantly, I start a new job on Monday!!! This week has been excellent for me as my years of planning have paid off. I attended an excellent Reeve Carney concert on Monday, and I took a fun hike in the San Gabriel mountains on Wednesday, and today, I'm going to see the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where I also became a member of this week and joined their Film Club. Life is good!


Gisa said...

First of all: congratulations to Simone on a successful move to LA! Glad you have a great job and are settling in. It is always difficult to relocate, leaving the familiar behind but I am sure you will adjust well and will also make loads of new friends.
I agree heartily about your remarks: that if we are truly admirers of Michael's great acting we must support him at the box office and not later when it does not count, but it isn't only the fault of the fans. I was appalled to see that reviews of films were posted everyplace BEFORE these films had been released. There are so many film festivals nowadays that critics have no problem whatsoever in getting to see films which have not been released, perhaps have not even been bought by distributors as yet, and so these films get reviewed. If the review is good (which usually means if they critic has had a good day and is feeling mellow!) then it can help the film, but woe betide the film if the critic is in a bad mood, tired, irritable, has had a bad lunch, etc. and takes it out on the film, as happened when the senior Variety critic saw "Trespass Against Us" at TIFF. He called it "the worst film I have ever seen". He did not know who and what "Travelers" are in the UK, he did not understand the first thing about this film and he had the gall to pan it. I have written Fassinating Fassbender before but have refrained from posting comments anyplace else because of the truly deranged people who are out there with their truly sick frustrations about everything, be it politics, people in the news, religion, history, you name it and there is a nut-case spewing bile all over the place. An exception to this rule was that review by Variety. I ended up calling the senior critic a dinosaur! And hoping Variety would fire him for incompetence. The film has not been released and Variety posts a devastatingly bad review. In other words, they have aimed their rifles, fired at close range and have hit the bull's eye, shattering the target. Assuring the death of a first rate film, unless we, as fans, can reverse that and bring the patient back to life by going to see the film and telling everyone else to do the same.
If I believed in voodo, spells and hex, I would begin to think that someone has cast a spell on Michael's career (due to jealousy) for lately it seems that whatever he does, which at first seems to be a sure winner ends up being a loser: Steve Jobs, The Light Between Oceans, Trespass Against Us....I do not like the way this looks. So I would urge all Michael's fans to get out to the movie theaters the moment the film is released in order to prove that any film in which he stars is sure to be a money maker, as that seems to be the only criteria for a star's continued usefulness to producers. Does he/she bring the crowds in or not? And lately my feeling has been that someone or something is conspiring to create a false aura around Michael to prove that he is not a money maker.
Sorry if this sounds like a downer but it has been bothering me (aside from the world situation of course) and I needed to talk to Michael's fans to clear my mind.

Simone said...

Gisa, thank you for your well wishes about my move to LA, I greatly appreciate it!

Your comments about the unfairly harsh criticism towards Michael's films are spot on and raise several great points:

Critics: these people are paid to review films that they do not pay to watch - they watch them for free. Many of these critics often go into a film with a biased opinion: they are going to love it because they are paid to love it (wink wink); they are going to hate it because they are paid to hate it (wink wink); or they go into it completely, and utterly clueless about the film because they are being paid to write a review on a film they are seeing for free and just can't really be arsed with it, especially if it's dealing with a topic they are ignorant on or indifferent towards. Also, critics want to be the first to spit out their reactions about a film, especially if it's extremely negative or extremely positive, due to professional agendas and favors. Some of the shittiest films I see are unbelievably praised by the same morons who eagerly dismiss some of Michael's work. Some enjoy being contrarians in an effort to diminish a performance or film, in an effort to elevate the performance of another actor or an entire film. This was very evident in this past Oscar season.

Competing studios: it's become like the Game of Thrones between competing studios in that each week, certain films are targeted to be destroyed and have their box office chances obliterated by midnight on opening day. It's major news now to anxiously report by Saturday morning, that Film A tanked at the box office, but a low quality, lowest common denominator audience grab Film B earned more money than expected. When the media broadcasts that a film didn't make the money as projected, its deemed an automatic failure and critics and awards prognosticators "influence" the decision as to whether a film or its performers should still be nominated or not. Audiences read this crap on infotainment websites and twitter/social media, and often are easily influenced to watch something else instead.

Consumers: Fans and non fans alike, have to go to the theater to see films in order for films to make money and earn a profit. I admit, going to the movies these days is very different than it was just ten years ago. It's more expensive and there are more assholes in the theater either talking, talking on the phone, or texting during the movie. All very distracting and uncomfortable. With many consumers having 50 inch flat screen tvs, or two, in their homes, and access to bootlegs of new releases the same day the film opens, has a huge effect on people going to movies and buying a ticket. Also, if a film is deemed a failure in the US, that narrative is broadcast across the globe and studios have their fingers crossed in hopes that foreign markets embrace a film more than lame American audiences have. And then there is simply the fact that a lot of people just don't go to the movies anymore and wait until the film is available by streaming or on cable six months later. Toss in a gang of haters who troll the internet 24/7/365 to bad mouth the lead actor in a selfish sadistic hate campaign, and it just makes things all the more challenging for an actor like Michael Fassbender to have a fair break on films he is the lead in.

But don't give up on Michael or feel sorry for him, he has the talent and an excellent reputation to persevere for many years to come. The industry knows him, and top directors and producers want to work with him, and we will continue to enjoy his work. He is in a position that literally 500,000+ actors would kill to be in. He'll be fine and he will be working with the right people to help him keep attracting great scripts his way. At the end of the day, Michael Fassbender will be listed in top 10 lists of brilliant actors, a feat that even some current Oscar winners will fail to achieve.

Stefanie Golz said...

When I don't Know his to describe my thoughts regarding Michael's media situation I come here and find it spelled out. Thank you, Simone, and your readers, like Guss, for creating a sane place on the internet, where it's about Michael and his work instead of speculations about his private life.

And last but not least: congratulations to your new life in the city you always wanted to live in! It's great to see you living your dream.

Simone said...

Hi Stefanie, I really appreciate hearing that. Although FF isn't the biggest and most popular website source for Michael Fassbender, people do know to come here to read the latest blog updates when something unsavory is occurring. I am humbled that people like you trust what I and some readers write here at FF which is always to support Michael and his career and try to post questions and provide answers that are relevant to his career.

Georgia 1977 said...

If I believed in voodo, spells and hex, I would begin to think that someone has cast a spell on Michael's career (due to jealousy) for lately it seems that whatever he does, which at first seems to be a sure winner ends up being a loser: Steve Jobs, The Light Between Oceans, Trespass Against Us....I do not like the way this looks.

YES, someone probably did.

I can get it off.

Georgia 1977 said...

I could find a purification technique somewhere. I'd have to spend some time doing it, but I think I can wrestle the crunk heads off Michael. And maybe next time avoid this type of shite.

But I told people someone was trying to block him since last year.

April said...

Simone, congratulations and a big high five for finding work so quickly! Not that I'm suprised ;)

Andrea Arnold said...

I did just see Steve Jobs on cable and thought it was wonderful. I guess because of life and circumstances, I have just recently discovered this wonderful and talented actor. Supporting his movies at the Box Office is now a must. Better late than never!

Thanks Simone for your dedication!