Friday, October 7, 2016

TGIF 10.7.16 (Updated)

This has been a very stressful week for me, but as it's coming to a close, a wave of calmness is chilling me out. And Michael Fassbender has a lot to do with that. I find that when I'm stressed out or bummed out, and I have to update the blog, it's therapeutic. While I'm at work during the day, I'm happy to update FF@Facebook with the even the most mundane, but newest information on Michael. When things are chaotic for me, that's when I really rely on Fassinating Fassbender to perk up my mood. Michael Fassbender can have a sedative like effect on you.

And on the same token, when I read about something very negative about Michael, it really pisses me off - I get defensive for him. Earlier this week, another half-ass, slanderous article was written on Michael by some lame, quasi-feminist, social justice warrior wannabe idiot, and it was a pure click bait trap. It was so poorly written and researched, that she only wrote it to use his name to get visits to her article. People like her give bloggers a bad name because she used old, fabricated lies in a hyperventilating style of  "journalist writing" to compare Michael to real scumbags. I did not share the link because I did not want to promote her click bait crap. Nor did I write a comment, because oddly enough, after all that faux outrage, she didn't have the balls to permit comments to her article.  But even if she did, I would not have written anything, such people write recycled crap to stir up a new controversy and visits to their advertising heavy websites. If you come across such articles don't re-tweet them or post the link on public forums. Just ignore them because they are counting on us to share the article so that they can get paid. Do you want to be party to someone paying their rent or crack habit from you sharing their lame ass article? I didn't think so.

Edited to Add: Michael is being honored in Killarney today by being inducted into the Order of Innisfallen - Killarney Advertiser

Congratulations Michael, you make Killarney proud!

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