Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Michael Featured in Esquire Magazine...

Michael Fassbender is our Sexiest Man Alive!

And he has something to say about those who stalk him in person and online:

...A woman directly across from us started waving her phone around in the air, as if this were still how a person managed to acquire a cell signal.
He stopped midsentence to take note. "She's filming me right now and pretending that she's not." I looked over, but the woman avoided eye contact.
Fassbender was loath to grumble about the unrelenting invasiveness of fame, both this morning and now, but it was easy to see that it exhausted him. "It's kind of creepy—people know where you're sleeping and shit," he said with a sigh. - Esquire, Nov 15, 2016

I hear ya Michael and I'm so glad you're wise to the sneaky stupid fan schemes to record your personal moments without your approval and know things about you that they shouldn't know. And I also caught your 'I look 50 years old' jab from another interview. Son, you don't look 50 years old, you're beautiful and sexy at 39.  I like Michael giving a subtle 'the finger' to some people.

Read the Esquire interview, a nice timely article to support Assassin's Creed opening next month!

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